Homo Erectus lives…


I done told you fools about these soft R&B man-on-man duets. I can say the same for this Lil Bow Wow loves Omarion combination, but I think their album cover says it all.


Seriously, if you had no clue who either of these dudes were and you just looked at Omarion’s face in isolation, what would you think was on his mind? And what are they doing at the bottom on this picture? What, is this the suspect, two-man soft thug version of “I am Legend“? WTF? Rule No. 1 violations all over the place. Red card, technical foul, 5 minute major penalty, one stroke addition, one point deduction and every single other way I can tell you to stop doing this type of shit. This is the UvT version of a yellow card, a black and white picture that tells you what I think:


Don’t make me go to my standard joint that to date has been reserved for Ted Haggard, Larry Craig and Trent Lott. Stop doing soft duets, stop spending more time on your hair than you do your gear and stop looking over each other’s shoulder in a hope of catching a glimpse of the other dude’s eye…talking about “face off”. I don’t need that, nobody does.

In fact, no “face” references at all from here on out. You’ve been warned.

– Lake

One Response to “Homo Erectus lives…”

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