White People Dancing is Always Funny


I know people want to do something special and unique at their wedding, but these two went the extra mile.

The best part is that whenever something like this goes down at a wedding you know one person was more into it than the other. You know the story, the wife wants to do the dance from Dirty Dancing, or to make her husband learn how to tango so she feels like Cinderella. Or the guy wants “Live or Let Die” to be the first song. These two look like they were both pretty in to it.

What is up with the “water sprinkler” move? I was waiting for them to throw the dice and break out the centipede.

I think this is good because of the low expectations. It is just like Rudy, you don’t expect the waterboy to get the big tackle so it is even better when something good happens. You don’t expect these two to be able to dance at all, so it’s cool. You try to break this act out at a Black wedding, and everyone will look at you like this:


Party on!



Awww man. Now see. This is the problem. Why does the media always try to portray us in such a negative light. This has set my people back at least 20 steps. It aint right and I won’t stand for it. Why don’t you post up some Justin Timbers getting jiggy with a sistah or 8. Why not give me a little Robin Thicke keeping it real with the stationary feet and head nod game? I know, yall just view us as ignorant nillers with no rhythm, conscience or shame. You won’t be talkin that mess when my countryman Ricky P knocks that flashy fast twitch Floyd the f*^k out.

And den what?

– Lake

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One Response to “White People Dancing is Always Funny”

  1. Mr. Magoo Says:

    I’m racist and gay and I live in Wisconsin. Thanks.

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