UvT Sports: Mayweather v. Hatton



Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather takes on Ricky Hatton tomorrow night in Las Vegas.  This is the oldest story in boxing, the plot to Rocky I, Rocky II, Uhhhh, Rocky III, and Rocky VI.  the flashy trash talking brother against the hardscrabble working class white cat.  I’m uniquely qualified to cover this subject as The Great White Hype is one of my favorite movies.


You already know this story.  Mayweather brings speed and flashy moves, quick feet and flashy hands and Irish Ricky Hatton is a little slower, hits a little harder and has “the heart of a lion”.  Hatton will get all the white fans worked up to beat the pound for pound champion.  All of Ireland, and Boston for that matter, want Irish Ricky to win.   Seriously though folks, when was the last legit White champ?  Unless you are from the Ukraine or some other Eastern Bloc country, you’re not getting the belt.

Let’s do a rundown of everyone’s favorite white fighters:


Rocky.  He got his ass whopped in the first fight in all his movies but won afterwards.  It’s scripted,what do you want?


Tommy Morrison.   Got his ass whooped by Ray Mercer.


This dude looks like he needs to have his ass whooped by a brother.


Even Chuck Liddell was the best fighter in the UFC until Rampage whooped his ass.  He better win against Silva of December 29th or his career might be over.

Anyway back to Mayweather/Hatton.  As always, 24/7 featuring the Mayweather family is some of the most entertaining programming on TV.  Predator Mayweather must have seen himself on TV and figured our he looked ridiculous and needed a haircut, because he actually looks like a reasonable dude now.

I’m calling Mayweather in 9.  Hatton is certainly impressive, but I don’t think he can handle Floyd.  And yes, I know Ricky Hatton isn’t Irish.  He’s British, or Welsh or something like that.  He’s got an accent, so it’s all the same to me.  Hell, I wish he was Irish so he could pass me a Guinness for me to drink while I watch the fight.


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4 Responses to “UvT Sports: Mayweather v. Hatton”

  1. Nigel Says:

    The Welsh are British you moron.
    There’d be uproar if someone wrote similar comments praising white people.

  2. John Says:

    Funny you mention Chuck Lidell getting beat by Rampage. I guess you left out all of those “white guys” who beat the shit out of that “brother”, right?


  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    John, unless you’re referring to some wet dream you were having where you’re beating off some black dude, I’m not sure which “white guys” you’re referring to….bitch.

  4. MMA fan Says:


    ^ One of my favorite fights. He could have ended the black dudes life right then and there if it were a real fight. Not to mention the PRIDE champion and UFC champion are both white, Fedor Emelianenko only 1 loss due to a technicality and Tim Sylvia.

    Not to mention Russian Nikolai Valuev, only defeated once by decision to another Russian, has knocked the fuck out of every black dude hes ever fought.

    < Half Russian Half Norweigen and proud of it

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