This is what Rumer Willis should look like


Honestly, when your parents are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, this is exactly what you should look like.


I mean, you don’t have to be better, but at least you should be a younger version of your mom.


Let me get that front view again.


Very nice. What you should not look like is this:


Or this:


Damn, look it aint her fault. Rumer just doesn’t have the Hollywood looks. She’s got something better though, that Hollywood money. Dude, all I’m saying is why do you want to act? Why are you always trying to be photographed? Why be on the scene? YOu aren’t Lindsay, you aren’t Paris, hell, you’re not even Britney. You should just be BEHIND the camera and chill out. Either that or you just suck it up and go get at that plastic surgery. Clearly that day is coming sooner than later, then you’ll look like this.


Nice and true evidence that the throwback white chick still has a place in our hearts. Anyway, her name is Megan Fox and I like her. And no I don’t want to see her turn around and ruin it all because the probability of a negative arse is at about 86%. F*ck it, let’s get it.


No comment. More later.


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3 Responses to “This is what Rumer Willis should look like”

  1. MrFabulous Says:

    Megan Fox. Hhhhoooootttttt. Rumer has to be the worst looking chick on the web. I would hit Perez Hilton before I that. Please Rumer. No sex tapes. I beg of you…no sex tapes.

  2. Natalie Davis Says:

    Messages like yours lead young women to limit themselves, to hate themselves, to mutilate themselves, even to KILL themselves. Do you know the pain involved in the type of surgery you advocate? And for what?

    Shame on you. I am starting a boycott against that other jerk you mentioned and his advertisers, and now I’m adding you and yours (if you have any; I hope not), because like his vile dreck, your message is evil, disgusting, inhumane, and dangerous

    Oh… and I will pray for your soul and the souls of those shallow enough to enjoy what you do.

  3. Natalie Davis Says:

    Moderation, eh? Which means that this will not see the light of day…. at least not here. Or perhaps you will print it and then insinuate that I must be ugly too. Just remember that what you put into the world is what you ultimately will receive in turn. And if you consider down the path you are traveling, what you receive will NOT be good. Seriously, I’m praying for you.

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