Mitt Romney talks religion in Texas


Today, Presidential hopeful Mitt Hendrickson errrr Romney tried to explain away his religious beliefs to a bunch of zealots and freaks down there in the heart of Texas. Thanks Mitt, but I’m quite sure we already know what you’re about. We’ve all got HBO.


I just want to meet that Margene. She’s a handful, aint she?

Oh and Mitt, don’t bother with those lunatics down there in the “Bible Belt.” Bigotry and racism doesn’t just wash off with Hurricane Katrina water and guess what, THEY DON’T LIKE YOUR KIND, never will. It takes some time for those old coots to die off, get some edumacation and such.

Then again, up until 1970s, your religion thought blacks “carried the mark of Cain” and you guys did officially say the only way a black person could receive salvation from your Heavenly Father was as a slave….Wow, so righteous! So come to think about it, maybe you and them good fellers down there will get along jus’ fine. Only, be sure not to mention Massachusetts, Utah, Harvard, Priesthood Holders, your previous position on abortion, and definitely don’t talk about your boy Roman Grant, his son Alby or the compound.


Take cur now, ya hee-ya?

– Lake, living ‘the Principle’ errryday

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One Response to “Mitt Romney talks religion in Texas”

  1. Karl Says:

    “Freedom requires religion” ???!
    He has no chance in general election after this.
    Go Romney!

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