Jay Z is trying a little too hard


Ok, I get it, so you’re a fashion icon.


But can’t just just roll out the hotel in some regular gear? Do you have to pair the sagging slacks, zipper up, and sport coat with that extra long and wide scarf? Somebody get this cat something new to rap about. I mean, what’s he got on his person in this picture of him in Paris, 5 bars?


This cat looks like Jeevs on his off day, yes I’m hatin, but why rock this get up? Paparazzi searching?

I rather enjoy when Jay rhymes about his new gear, expensive liquor and late model cars. I’m with it. I just can’t figure out why this dude who is 38 years old and a multimillionaire, alleged fashion icon, minority owner in a franchise, restaurateurs, and overall media mogul is still rapping about the drugs his boys will tell you he scarcely sold.


I guess dude is right, he really is more Frank Lucas than Ludacris. Meaning an old, self-centered, one dimensional cat who would rather to continue to lay the ball up with his right hand (rap about bullshit) than learn to lay it up with his left (evolve and actually do some good with his messages). I’m not impressed. Love the music, but I’m not impressed with the content. I must say though, Beyonce’ is just an upper level chick at this point.


She may be Houston basic, but she just gives you everything you want and somehow cleans up very nicely too. She’s damn near flawless above. Gotta love it.

– Lake

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