Larry Craig: I’m not a gay, I just crush (men) a lot


This is the story that just won’t die.


Infinitely fabulous Senator Larry Craig gay Republican from Idaho has managed to open yet another chapter in his gay sex scandal. This time, he’s got his gay ex-boyfriends ahem panties all in a bunch over his assertion “I’m not gay and I have never been gay.


Oh really? I believe you dude, I really do. That is if you consider hitting on and having sex with multiple gay men over a 40 year period, “not gay.” I know, I know, if you utter “no homo” after you bang some dude out, it’s not really gay. I know.


Anyway, 4 more men have come forward to say they’ve had sex with Larry Craig. Another gay Republican said L dot Craig hit on him at some Republican convention. Damn, homey’s gaydar must be ahem “tight”….damn. Of course, Larry came right out and said that all 5 of these gay dudes are liars. All of them. Hilarious. You know what’s crazy though? The same dude, Mike Jones (who?), who had sex with that phony “Evangelical,” sinister minister, Ted Haggard, is now saying he had sex with Larry Craig, too! Damn, what is this guy, prostitute to the hypocritical, lying, scumbag, gay stars? How do you get expertise in that area? I mean, how does one male ho just find all kinds of politicians and religious freaks to sex him for money?


Hey, I don’t know and I don’t want to know.

– Lake

Damn, that cat gets around.

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2 Responses to “Larry Craig: I’m not a gay, I just crush (men) a lot”

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    […] got this secret…you’re one of those mens that likes them mens. Fair enough, so what do you do to get that jones taken care of,oh, I know, you go to the ugliest, fattest, most flamboyant and indiscreet cat this side of the […]

  2. Dog Says:

    You are warped man!

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