Henderson puts it on Davidson as Duke rolls


I didn’t see the game due to an electronics malfunction at the crib. I should be pissed, but how can I be too mad at my cable and tivo boxes after they’ve been so good to me throughout the years.


At any rate, the bottom line is that Duke won, which is really all the matters. Based on his 21 points it seems that Gerald Henderson went out and got his which is always appreciated.


You know what else is appreciated, this Duke chick.


Yeah, I know, we’ve shown her before, but now I finally got a few more angles and then got some video. Like to here it go:

Hey, it’s pretty clear what she’s working with and she doesn’t mind putting it ahem all out there. I’m not sure if I like her more or less after watching this video though. That diss of Josh McRoberts was definitive and icy. Why do cats hate on Josh so much? I liked McBob…He did his part, it was the cats around him that weren’t coming right.

Anyway, hey girl, I hear you on not camping out like a refugee, I never camped out for a Duke basketball game either. At the same time, you don’t have to be such a yatch about it either. Ultimately, you look good enough that I forgive you. I just wish you’d show a little more cleavage dough. Smart girls rock.

– Lake


I’d be remiss if I didn’t give this little update. I saw the second airing of the Duke game on ESPNU and I just have to go ahead and give love to that man Greg Paulus.


He played an overall good game, knocked down shots, showed that patented Syracuse bruiser toughness and ultimately was the most valuable player on the floor for Duke. Now, I didn’t like that he went for that steal at the end of the game, because we really didn’t need the ball back with a two possession lead and he could have put them on the line, but you can’t argue with success. Greg came up big and that little fall away jumper at the end? Ballsy. Nice work, now only if he can get those raccoon circles out from under his eyes, he’ll be cool. Homey is looking like Jeff Van Gundy Jr. Jr. out there. Hey Greg, no mercy.


No doubt.

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