Supporting the Stereotype: Brawling in a Wisconsin K-Mart


Oh this is nice. Apparently KMart was giving away a free $10 gift certificate to anyone who got approved for a KMart credit card on Black Friday. Well, their computers glitched and was giving everyone who applied a $4000 credit limit instantly. In Wisconsin this passes for “free money” and people jumped on the phones to let everyone know. Before you knew it, housewives were scrapping out front and jumping over cash registers to get their shot at the “free” cash.


I guess a riot broke out.

A few things. First of all, anyone who thinks a credit card is “free” money need to check their credit report. See that number in the 500’s over there? That means a few things. It means that you get killed for having KMart Cards, Sears Cards, Best Buy Mastercards, Gap cards all that bullshit. It means that I pay the same amount to lease my Mercedes Benz GL 450 that you pay for your Honda Civic. It means that if you want to buy a house like mine I pay 15% less than you would.


Oh yeah, and the big thing? They are going to want that money back. If you don’t pay it back in the first month…and let me got out on a limb here…people who get on the horn to tell people that KMart is giving out free money as $4,000 credit cards probably aren’t great candidates for paying all of that off come January 1, you will probably get hit with that good 18-25% interest rate. Turning that $4,000 into $10,000 quicker than you think.

Is Kmart even still a legitimate store? Let’s look at the landscape here. Target is the upscale store, Wal-Mart is the store with the best prices…that leaves K-Mart as the big room of cheap shit store. Blue Light specials? What the hell is that? I know people don’t like it when you stereotype their state. But honestly, do you think this same thing happens in a major metropolitan area? A riot over K-Mart cards? Hell no.

How about this as a consolation prize. Your hoops squad just got drug by Duke on National TV. How did you like that?


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