Usher Has a Boy



Usher just had a baby in the ATL.  Little Usher Raymond V.  (Is Usher a IV?  Who knew?)  I guess this cat is locked in now.  Married in September, kid in November.  That’s hardly ever cool.  I hope Usher has a prenup, but with that kid it almost doesn’t matter now.  Like Kanye said, 18 years, 18 years, and on the 18th birthday found out it wasn’t his?

This dude was messing with fine ass Chilli before he sold 10 million albums.  All it reminds me of is the fact that Chilli was sexy as hell in that red light special video. I’ma get my flashback on right quick.

Damn Chilli. What the hell was Usher thinking? When you are the best selling R&B star since MJ, you’re supposed to re-up. Not re-down. Seriously, he traded Chilli for this babe?


I know some cats base their wife on their momma, but that doesn’t mean that she should really look like your momma. Like born the same year as your momma. And he gave up this:


Man, that stomach has always been tight.

Hell let’s do it like the Black Sheep. You can get with this:


Or you can get with that:


Damn, that terrible ass pic messed up my moment.  I don’t care what they tell you they are going to do in retouching, you can’t play yourself like that.

So whats up with this kid?  Hopefully he doesn’t have the conehead like his pops.



What’s the over under on Usher and Tameka?  Three years? How long before the chick that shoots crazy ass looks like this goes fully crazy?


I’m thinking long about halfway through Usher’s next European tour.


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