LJ and the Roc: Not sure I get it


Can someone explain to me why Larry Johnson is such a fan of Roc-A-Fella?


(LJ, care to explain this?)

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. But homey is an NFL player, so why is he throwing up the Roc sign whenever he scores a touchdown, why does he alwasy refer to Jay Z as his “Best friend” and why does this fool rock not one, but two Roc chains?


I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but it all seems a bit over the top and quite frankly, a bit suspect. I’m not down.


(There’s only one thing right about this picture and she’s got a dress on, ya dig?)

Kindly cease and desist player..oh and by the way, you shouldn’t be on camera poppin’ bottles like you literally don’t care that you haven’t done a damn thing for the team you’re pulling checks from this year or more importantly, my fantasy team. Terrible.

– Bitter Lake

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2 Responses to “LJ and the Roc: Not sure I get it”

  1. otis Says:

    haha hes signed to team roc thats why he always over the roc

  2. Cedric Says:

    True, he’s with Team Roc (whatever that means) but he does rep that shit a little too hard if you ask me. I mean, throwing up that diamond cutter, cutting an emblem in his head, rocking all the Roc jewelry.. I mean, it’s not like dude doesn’t have shit else to do in his life. The cat is an NFL ball player. He rides the Roc sack a lil too well.

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