Where the Hell is Lake?


Damn, they don’t make White boys like they used to.


If you see him, can you send his ass back to work?



3 Responses to “Where the Hell is Lake?”

  1. RosyF Says:

    I think I spotted Lake following some co-eds around for his next hard hitting piece on negative arse.

  2. Brock Hardon Says:

    Damn Rosy F Baby, please say the baby. I was about to ask where the hell you’ve been too!

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Lake is like Bad Boy for Life.. He aint goin no where. Please contact a lobotomized Purdue or Tyson’s for any further comments from Mrs. Rosy F Baby, pleez say da baby… soon as she gives up dudes with cornrows, I’ll give up the Neg arse, which I have come to rather enjoy actually.

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