Kyla Ebbert 3: We Got What Ya Want


I don’t know if people actually think this chick looks good, or if people just know that some chick named Kyla Ebbert is out there naked that makes you all want these pictures so badly.  Seriously, does having the name make you feel like you actually know the chick?  You know that you can just switch off safe search on Google and type in “naked” or “boobs” or “butt” and get an unlimited number of nude women right?  Hell you can type in random professions like “nurse”, “cheerleader”, or “teacher” too.  You can get as specific as you want.  If you like redheads with no shoes in bondage, there is another freak on the internet that will accommodate your wishes.

Anyway, you are looking for Kyla Ebbert so here she is:


Seriously, that tan l’orange and that grill are terrible.  I mean you can tell they caked her up with makeup, turned her to the side to try to minimize that nose piece, then probably still had to airbrush the hell out of her to pull it together.  She’s even stilling in that “lean back and keep your stomach tight” pose so she didn’t pop her muffin top out of those draws.  The boobs are clearly fake too.  I’m not one to deny the people what they want though.  You can find the full pictorial HERE.



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7 Responses to “Kyla Ebbert 3: We Got What Ya Want”

  1. Kyla Ebbert Part 2: Dough Before Clothes « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Kyla Ebbert Part 2: Dough Before Clothes UPDATE: We found them.  Click HERE for our post with Kyla’s Playboy Photos.  […]

  2. h8torade Says:

    Her grill is so tore up….don’t get me wrong….I’d throw it up in her for a few.

  3. Cameron Says:

    So Kyla wants to go to law school. Well she’s on the right track…first stop Playboy…next stop stripper weekends in Las Vegas (courtsey of Southwest Airlines of course)…then it’s off to Chatsworth for a few porn cameos…then off to law school. Mom must be so proud.

  4. John Q Says:

    Clothes before hoes! Now I see why southwest wanted those baloons covered up. She’s not hot.

  5. speeds Says:

    gotta give some credit to the photographer, the pshotoshop-man and the makeup crew

  6. mad max Says:

    Personally know this girl. she is a whore, i not only fuck her in the ass because she was scared of getting pregnant at age 17, but she willing sucked off my friend for pot a few times. she is the dirtiest slut out of coronado in a long time.

  7. Kelly Is A HoBag Says:

    gotta love the airbrushed pics…and still dog ugly…

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