The Ladies 2.0


So the future of the internet is all about generating your own content. Web 2.0, Blogging, Flickr, You Tube, MySpace, Facebook. All of these sites have created places for expressing yourself. Making stars out of the common people. Hey, I’m all for it. Otherwise we wouldn’t have Tila Tequila, right?

So Us Versus Them is buying into it too. We always show you the hottest ladies from the mainstream press, now we are gonna see what the deal is with the best of the regular chicks. Here’s the first and dammit she’s setting the bar high.


Here’s our girl on Halloween. And yes, I’m talking about the girl on the right, not the chick in the bad pajamas. Cute smile, silky smooth through the waist piece. She’s giving new meaning to the phrase “Fuck tha Police”.


Now I’ve got my masters in Assology and this is when I knew I was on to something. Do you see those legs? Those calves and thighs are setting up for greatness. I’ll give you a full breakdown of how to become a certified Assologist next week, but for now just know this. Whenever you see a leg thigh combo like this with the athletic body and slimmed out waist, get ready. Now I haven’t seen the tail piece yet, but I know this young lady will not disappoint. I mean my goodness. Apparently this chick is at an ivy league law school too. Dangerous combination.


Here’s our girl again rocking some kind of holiday shots. I don’t know why she’s rocking the sad face though, she’s packing a hook on her. I mean the stripes are just overkill at this point. Jesus. Lake is going to lose his damn mind. A white babe stacked up like a sister? Allison Stokke better watch her back. Seriously though, that is perfect. The profile never lies.

Here’s the money shot though:


Now I don’t know if this brother was lining her up for the camera so he would never forget this moment, but I for one appreciate it bruh. This chicks body is craaaaaazy. Draws? Doesn’t look like it. Thonged up at the very least. As Lake would say “It’s lovely and I love it”.

There’s gotta be more everyday Biels out there. Send ’em in, point us in the right direction and we’ll post them up on UvT. MySpace girls, You Tube videos, whatever. Send Brock what you got.


2 Responses to “The Ladies 2.0”

  1. jiggy jaxx Says:

    Is that all the same chick? Goodness That grey and orange is super official.

  2. Brock Hardon Says:

    Indeed it is. Crazy, right?

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