Now Here’s Another Hit Barry Bonds…


Just hit that video to give your boy Brock some background music while I do what I do then read on. (no need to watch it)

Breaking News: Barry just got indicted on perjury charges stemming from his grand jury testimony a few years ago. Perjury is the most bullshit way of taking cats down. It is like getting a mob boss for tax evasion, you can’t actually connect them to the crime so you build up evidence that they lied about something that you haven’t actually caught them doing yet. Like someone is going to tell you they are breaking the law when you ain’t got a damn thing on em…please.

The worst part is, Barry didn’t even break a law. In fact, he didn’t even break MLB rules at the time. At this point there is just circumstantial evidence.


Come on, the circumstantial evidence isn’t even that strong.


See, he looks exactly the same. I mean he still runs the same, still wears the number 25…uhhhhhhhh, still wears wristbands and gloves…aw damn, you got me. That just looks crazy.

So I guess the specific lies are that he didn’t know he was taking steroids, that he never got shot up with the juice, and that he never tested positive for the ‘roids. So they either have a letter, written by Barry that he would like to have some HGH, please. A picture of Victor Conte and Greg Anderson hovering over Barry’s ass with a syringe in their hands, or a positive steroid test.

Here’s my thing, sure he may have sullied “America’s Game“. He may have just broken one of the most hallowed records in baseball. His feet may have grown three sizes at the age of 37. But we’re talking about him playing a sport here. He didn’t commit a crime until he lied about doing some shit that isn’t a crime anyway. They are trying to take him down any way they can get him. Knowing Barry he is going to be an asshole through the whole thing just like Mike Vick, and that isn’t going to help him at all.

We outta here baby indeed.



Yo, I completely agree. This is just a bullshit witch hunt of Barry because they don’t like him personally. Typical hypocrisy. How can you get a guy for saying he never knowingly took steroids? How can any juror be asked to crawl into the brain of a person and know what he did or did not think with regard to substances he was taking and then be able to verify that beyond a reasonable doubt? What a joke. This is what we’re paying these feds to do? We need them to trump up perjury charges on a baseball players behind grand jury testimony of some random lab? Thanks for nothing. Free Barry…and OJ.
– Lake

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5 Responses to “Now Here’s Another Hit Barry Bonds…”

  1. Eric Palmieri Says:

    Just when we thought all of it had gone away…

    How many months/years should we expect this to go on? I really hope they settle…I don’t think I could stand a trial.

    -Eric Palmieri

  2. tinupe94 Says:

    Long-time listener, first-time caller.

    Regarding the law, anabolic steroids have been illegal in this country since in or about 1990. It is a federal crime to possess them, and the punishments get more severe if you possess with the intent to distribute.

    I raise this clarification to make clear that this was not a “trumped up” case against Barry Bonds. This was a very real investigation into a large scale conspiracy involving the trafficking of illegal controlled substances. He was called to testify as part of that investigation and, as far as I understand, was given immunity for his grand jury testimony. That means that, assuming he would have told the truth (a big assumption, in light of today’s indictment), the government would not use his statements against him. In general, the federal government does not spend significant resources in punishing people who possess drugs for their own use, e.g., Barry Bonds or Jason Giambi, instead focusing on the distributors. If he had told the truth, regardless of its effect on his reputation (by the way, that is what Giambi did), he would not be facing criminal prosecution in all likelihood.

    Lying under oath is a very serious offense. It goes to the heart of our criminal justice system. I just don’t get how someone could describe this situation as “trumped up” or manufacture. Barry Bonds manufactured this situation for himself.

    Given that, Lake, you have good legal instincts despite your lack of any apparent legal education or training. Perjury is one of the most difficult charges to prove because it does require a jury to determine a person’s state of mind at the time he was responding to another person’s potential vague or ambiguous question. Based on the indictment, the AUSA questioning Bonds kept prefacing his questions with “just to be clear,” but would then follow up with unclear, complex, compound, and/or confusing questions. Bonds’s lawyers will attack each question and answer, highlighting the ambiguity, all in attempt to raise reasonable doubt.

  3. lindy Says:

    This is a witch hunt. We all take whatever we need to take to play the game. Half the men hunting Barry Bonds down probably take Viagra or Cialis so they can play their “game” My point is, all of us need some kind of drug to play the game…whatever our game is. Hell, I take Midol once a month so I don’t slit someone from ear to ear.

  4. RosyF Says:

    Wow, tinupe94 you are all about the law and order. The heart of our legal system – listen Jack McCoy if perjury is so hard to prove why is it when the Feds can’t get you on a real crime they go for perjury. Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby, and Lil Kim all got caught up on perjury charges. Bonds is going down. This is a waste of federal resources.

    Lindy you’re hilarious. If you ever skip the the Midol and go on a rampage remember I paid you a compliment. I don’t want no trouble.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    tinupe94, kindly eat a fresh bowl of my favorite cereal:

    and then tell me if you still feel that same about this case. Tanks.

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