Is Paris Hilton still hot?


Or better put, was she ever? I’m not a big Paris guy and never really have been. I can’t lie, I’m turned on by her money, but there’s really nothing else aside from the dough that I couldn’t pick up in just about any local club, Walmart or trailer park.


Hell or maybe one that looks a little bit better, like ole girl above.  Shoot, I can’t lie, I kinda like the fit and feel of Fake Paris in this canary number.  Let’s not fool ourselves though, shit can definitely get worse when civilians try to do what Paris does:


Whatever the case, the babe is just uninspiring and just imagine how irrelevant she’ll be when she’s, say, 30. Anyway, her process of irrelevancy might be accelerating with these recent pics of her improperly working this stripper pole.


Boring. This too.

1114_paris_hilton_pole_dance_08-thumb.jpg 1114_paris_hilton_pole_dance_04-thumb.jpg1114_paris_hilton_pole_dance_06-thumb.jpg

Trash. Come on now, bend ova to the front, touch ya toes, girl! There’s nothing worse in the world than a bad freak or underachieving hoe.


Get your game tight babe. I’m just done. This chick needs to have a baby, get married and divorced, go into rehab or go back to jail because whatever she’s giving me now just isn’t very interesting. Now I can’t lie. Her antics in that sex tape, that was interesting (NSFW).


I mean, did yall see how that cat Rick Solomon was just putting it on her? I mean, really telling her what to do, what he wanted, what she was gonna do… Really letting her have it and getting his silver polished the whole way. Now see, because of my respect for women, normally I wouldn’t ever post something like this. But we all know Paris put that tape out on purpose, so let’s just keep the party going.


Damn Rick, you didn’t have to get so gangster with it homey….Either Rick is a pimp, after all he bagged Pam Anderson too, or Paris is a silly chick with a famous name, tons of jack and a few prescription pills to keep everyone honest.. Either way, I’m ready for the next phase or at least the next sex tape. Hop to it.

– Lake

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5 Responses to “Is Paris Hilton still hot?”

  1. chris pinto Says:

    All you motherfuckers are gona pay. you are the ones who are ball lickers. we’re gona fuck ur mothers while u watch and cry like little whiny bitches..

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Hot. Just get it on tape homey…

  3. Paris Hilton Reconsidered: New Evidence « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] we’ve already questioned Paris Hilton and the very nature of her celebrity. We’ve asked if she was still hot, why she is famous, and how she keeps popping up in the news. We all know she really got famous […]


    I really am not sure on what to say about my girl Paris…when she’s in an interview…she’s a real person…she slurrs and hasn;t planned what to say, she’s not educated, and has a small sloppy vocabulary! i Love the rich little snob for ..i don;t know what reason…thats what makes her mysterious….she was just suppost to be famious…weather there is a reason or not..she may be the “oxymoron” of a rolemodel…kinda like what a parent will show their child and tell then not to be….man im blown away by very coloum on her…i like her i love her…and i would have to say if she wasn’t miss hilton, just an average joe….her personality would bring me to be her friend..SHE IS A CUTIE. thats why everyone is curious. Man we can all argue on the internet. or we can agree to disagree.she’s famous…and we arn;t so shut the fuck up, caue your all jelious. you go be a RUN WAY MODEL, CAUSE I BET YOU DON:T HAVE IT………..not quite like paris. she will never be able to leave a history in hollywood like angelena jolie, or juilia roberts, but she has put in her MONEY IN THE CHARITY BOX…..she’s not selfish…just annoyed..i would be too, i can;t believe how she handles half of your bullshit. anyway anybody has any problems with my little opinion than email me….im a real person who will write back…if i see it through my junk payce WB

  5. mfntrev Says:

    after seeing that video… it just confirms why I love that chic. don’t front. you know you want a dirty little something to kick around and kick out.

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