Why Are You Still in the League?


Now that the NBA is back, I’ve gotta go back to one of the original UvT throwback topics. With all the talk of Kobe heading to the Bulls, I figured I’d try to catch a game to see what the Bulls would look like with #24. Then I saw the dude who jacked up my fantasy teams from 1999 through 2003. This cat hasn’t been good since he scored the quietest 40 points I’d ever seen against Duke in 1995.


You can barely find pictures of this dude in a Bulls uniform. Who knew this cat has been in the league for 12 years? He already cost Minnesota their future and Kevin McHale his legitimacy back in 1998. Meanwhile he’s averaged 5 points and 2.5 rebounds over the last three years. Time to move on homey.

Joe Smith, why the hell are you still in the league?


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4 Responses to “Why Are You Still in the League?”

  1. lik dot Says:

    If you can believe it, there was a bidding war for this cat. And he got 2 years, 10 million from the Bulls. SMH @ the shortage of serviceable big men in the league.

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  3. Will Says:

    Joe Smith is the consummate ‘utility man’. Just a long athletic warm body to fill out a roster. even worse tho, He is one of the worst draft pick choices in league history (1995 He went #1 – over Stackhouse, ‘Sheed, and Garnett!!!)

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