Notre Dame loses to Navy, Chaz Weis officially sucks


What a fucking joke. “You’re doing a heckuva Job Charlie”.


(Only this clown actually believes in ND anymore..Sadaam aint dead, he’s in a cave somewhere with Bin Laden and 2pac playing Playstation 3)

This is the savior of Notre Dame Football? This is the guy who had the audacity to say, “people better enjoy it now,” with reference to the performance of his deplorable football team? This is the guy who wrote a book about his greatness after one year as a head football coach? This is the guy who called up journalist and told them that college coaches wouldn’t be able to X and O with him? Yes.. This is THAT GUY. The same guy who has lead his Notre Dame football team to their worst year EVER?! The same guy who just lost to Navy despite having a full two weeks to prepare for them?


I know, I know, Notre Dame just needs to get in Weis players, then they’ll have the athletes to compete with anyone. It’s just a talent issue. Well, they had the most talent on the field today by far and Weis still fucking lost!


I mean, did you see those little Navy dudes walk up for that coin toss? It was like a made for tv movie. A bunch of little Rudy clones going up against fine tuned division I athletes who came to college FOR football.


No, sorry. Charlie Weis just sucks as a head football coach. He’s just not built for this level of play. Sure, he’s great with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick helping him out. He’s ok, not hot, with Ty Willingham’s recruits, but what about his? Where are his guys? And if he had “his players in” would it really matter? Weis makes play calls that even an average football fan can see are asinine.


For instance, it was blatantly obvious that the Navy defense couldn’t stop the Notre Dame running game. So what did Chaz do? He started passing. Navy kicked Notre Dame’s butt all over the field and the Navy coach tried his best to lose it, he really did. End of the day, Chaz Weis’ coaching was just bad enough to hold off ND and allow Navy to beat them. I mean, Chaz goes for it when he should be kicking field goals. He passes when the situation clearly calls for a run. He runs it when it’s obvious that they need a pass.


Did yall see that wild “Superman that hoe” sack that Navy dude caught on the ND QB? Crazy. Next up Air Force…. it’s hilarious. Air Force is actually favored in this game, even though it’s at Notre Dame Stadium. Hell, even Touch Down Jesus thinks Weis is an inept asshole.


If Notre Dame has any integrity at all (which we know they don’t) they’ll fire Chaz at the end of the season.

– Hatin’ Lake

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2 Responses to “Notre Dame loses to Navy, Chaz Weis officially sucks”

  1. Danny Says:

    untill you have the pressures of being a head football coach in the ncaa you cant judge him or ridicule him

  2. Brock Hardon Says:

    Are you a NCAA football coach Danny? So we shouldn’t talk about President Bush if we’ve never been President? We shouldn’t talk about how we like a piece of music if we aren’t musicians? We shouldn’t talk about Roger Clemens if we aren’t HGH using, roid-raging, multiple time Cy Young Award winners? Seriously? Don’t be silly.

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