Bullies Need to Step Their Game Up


We all know technology constantly shifts the way we live, and every once in a while something comes along that changes the game. The wedgie has been rendered obsolete by two eight year olds who have invented break away wedgie proof underwear.


They say necessity is the mother of invention, so how many wedgies does it take to make an eight year old break out the velcro and sewing kit?


I mean damn, these kids must have been catching hell. Like this kid, he thought it was all fun and games until he got dragged over the arm of the couch.


Seems like he’ll be making an investment in those new draws as soon as they are available.

Bullies will have to fall back to indian burns, wet willies, charlie horses and purple nurples.



Here are the kids with their product:

The way these kids throw I can definitely see why they were getting bullied.  Hilarious how that cat on the right just admits he is underwear free…I guess going commando is better than catching a wedgie, but there probably needs to be further refined.

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