College Football Preview


Huge games going on today in college football.  Arizona State v. Oregon, LSU v. Saban and Alabama, Ohio State plays a Wisconsin team that will put more capable bodies on the the field than Akron and Kent State, and Boston College primed to get clipped by Florida State today.

Florida State should win just for having fans like these:


I’m surprised ESPN hasn’t tried to name it “Showdown Saturday”, or “Separation Saturday”, or “Insert promotional language here to drive viewership”.

So let’s see what’s gonna happen.  We know Arizona and Oregon is going to cause a loss in the top 5, and should propel whoever wins into the top three with LSU and Ohio state who should both hold on today.  Boston College, even if they win, will probably slide to 4.

Oregon and Dixon should win today.  Arizona State gives up big points and Oregon puts up big points.  I saw that when they blazed Michigan in the Big House.  Either way, this game is sure to be a high scoring affair.  Probably 40+ points for either team.


Dixon should be pulling out all the trickeration on this one.  Should be fun to watch.

Here’s the top 5 on Monday:

1: OSU

2: LSU



5:West Virginia


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