2007 World Series Champs: Boston Red Sox!



Behind the bat of Mike Lowell and pitching of a resurgent Jon Lester the Sox wrapped up their sweep of the Colorado Rockies tonight with a score of 4-3.


(Mike Lowell’s a monster, for him everyday is Halloween)


(Just give me the light…)

Manny Delcarmen gave up a one run homer in the 7th inning, and Okajima gave up a two run homer in the 8th, but Game 4 was never really in question. Give it to the Rox,they made a little noise in Game 4, but overall, this series was an utter ass whoopin.


The truth is that the Rox were thoroughly outclassed by the Sox at every turn. The Sox’s pitching staff was nails all series long. The hitting was timely and the defense was just enough. It was literally like the Varsity v. the JV out there. Congrats to the Sox for winning two World Championships in 4 years.


Get your dance and freak on fellas.


And you know Schill and his lady had to get in the act.


Even little Manny Jr. and Manny Jr. Jr. were happy.


I guess Tito knew what he was doing after all. Theo and John Henry best get that checkbook ready, because Francona has earned it.


Beckett was a beast all post season long.


And for the Yanks..


Well… there’s always next year. Ha.. Did you like watching the Sox win yet another world championship? Did you? LOL. Oh and don’t think I didn’t notice that A-Rod decided to opt out of his contract with the Yankees. I found it hilarious actually, guess who else did?


Hey, how does that taste Yanks fans? I can just see it, a line-up card that has Ellsbury, Ortiz, Manny, A Rod, Youk, Lowell, Pedroia….shit, they could just stop batting right there. A Rod back at short stop please. Hey godfather, make that happen.


– Lake


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9 Responses to “2007 World Series Champs: Boston Red Sox!”

  1. Hate in Roc Says:

    Fuck A Rod—and all the Yankee haters of the world. Cat’s jump ship when the chips are down like rats. Now everyone is riding the Red Sox until the wheels fall off that little buggy. Now that they are a dynastic squad, with a big budget and loads of talent…I can’t wait for people to minimalize their success by referencing money spent on players and generally hate on their winning ways. Hey Boston, feel the burn of hate from now on. You’re no longer the loveable underdogs who can cry that their competing against the big bad Yanks against all odds…despite the fact that for the last 5 years you’ve had the second biggest budget in baseball. I can’t wait til A Rod come to beantown to do what he did for the Rangers and Yanks…NOTHING!!! Good fucking riddens you purple lipped bitch.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    LOL.. I love it. A Rod really got under your skin huh Buddy. Classic. A Rod will move on and the Yanks will be worse for it.

  3. Big Spenockian Says:

    A Rod is such a juice seeking little biaaatch!!! He’s like a pedigree show dog, looks great, but ultimately leaves you with a bunch of shit and piss to clean up wherever he goes. I love how 2 championships makes Boston fan think they can erase one hundred years of established baseball history. Boston will always be New York’s ugly half brother who can’t be seen at family functions. Listen, enjoy your moment…success brings problems. Yanks have proven they can overcome theirs throughout the course of time…can the Sux do the same. And remember…you lost the season series to dem Yanks…who would have spanked your asses in the playoffs had it not been for a possessed, locust releasing, Cleveland Indians squad that ran out of gas against the Sux…that’s right, I said it again. And for the new Red Sox fans…I’m taking all your names. I better not see you front running ho’s in Yankees hat come 09′. Your shame will be exposed. YANKEES NEVER DIE…THEY JUST BUILD MORE MONUMENTS TO HEROES.

  4. Lazy Lou Says:

    If there is one thing this post season has taught us it’s that “Yankees Suck”really is a fitting mantra for the scrubs in blue. Joe Torre left you. A Rod left you. Jeter is underachieving. Posada has one foot out the door. Rivera might leave. You’re a shell of your former selves and barely worth a discussion. The Sox are AL East Champs. American League Champs and World Series Champions. Hell, the only thing they didn’t win this year was bounty of whores for their bidding. Lick your wounds, but next year will be the same. Sox are built to last. Yanks are just rebuilding and the Boss don’t even know who he is anymore. Ugly time for the Yanks, lovely time for everyone else. Enjoy.

    – LL

  5. RosyF Says:

    C’mon Hate in Roc….chillax…listen to sage advice of Manny “there is always next season” : )

    If A-Rod did come to Boston we would foster his talents and lay a smackdown on all the playahh haters. At the end of the day Torre did not know how to work his talent or get the production out of team. Big budget or small budget you got know how to scout and manage talent!

    I love it that someone is commenting on what the Yankees would have done had they not gotten beat. Btw…even if I was spankin Jeter at Scores I would never put on a Yankees hat.

    Don’t hate the playa, hate the Yanks. Let’s go Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Hilarious rhetoric from RosyF.. haaaa Is that like Weazy F Baby? Classic. Ha

  7. Big Spenockian Says:

    Hey RosyF, I would expect that level of low commentary from a cat who shamelessly employees horrible Wayne’s Worldesque rhetoric like “chillax.” If you were an ice cream flavor, you’d be prailines and dick. I see you couldn’t wait to come out the closet, no pun intended, with that Yankees suck rhetoric now that it actually has a piece of leg to stand on. By the way, that is the very same rhetoric drunken, retarded ass Boston fan employed even when the Yanks were biting off back to back championships and running it right up Boston’s ASS!!!! Win 4 in 5 years then holler at me you bean eating rat. By the way RosyF, you’ve owned several Yanks hats througout your life, just like all of your front running, juice seeking friends. If Derek Jeter saw you at Scores or anywhere else in life…he wouldn’t.

  8. RosyF Says:

    Big Spenokian and all y’all angry Yankee fans take a deep breath and exhale no one wants to hear any of that roid rage – there is no need. I come in peace and common sense. Btw – I prefer caramel not prailines. I never said Yankees suck. I just said you can’t talk about how the Yankees shoulda coulda woulda beat the Sox when they were home watching instead of playing.

    I have been at a club with Jeter : )…that’s why I said it…but no spanking took place….maybe next time (if he’s lucky) but there will never be a Yankees hat involved. It’s a turnoff : )

  9. jholliday Says:

    Holy fuck u guys are dynasty now with ur less than 10championships! U guys shoulda gotSantana before Schilling and Wakefield shit the bed. Will see if them idiots get passed the second round again after they will a title. Um like the Cards did 2 use redcoats.

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