Warm up the bus!!! Sox roll the Rockies…AGAIN!


“Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Ja-COOOOOO-Bee”


How nice is Jacoby Ellsbury? How hot is it that he’s out there representing the Navajo Nation to boot? This cat is just he the absolute truth and he’s just a rookie. On a night where the Sox had to play musical chairs with the line-up to account for the use of National League rules, Jacoby carried the load by getting 4 hits, 3 doubles, 2 runs and 2 RBIs…. Are you kidding me?

Now sing along with me, “nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey, hey, hey, goooooood-bye” because this thang is over. I just liked the way they did it. The Sox have just out classed the Rockies for this entire series. For instance, Dick K was just nails tonight. The boy looked smooth, confident and ready to rock, especially when he went up against his former teammate and countryman Matsui.


Oh my bad, wrong picture.


Dice is just a cool muthafucka boy. You just gotta love this cat. Plus he went ahead and got that hot base hit and collected 2 RBIs in the third? What else can you ask for? And what about that little big man Dustin Padroia? Things got a little dicey for a second there when the Rockies pulled within one run. But these cats were ready to respond.


Dude just smacks that ball all over the place. I mean, when you’ve got Papi and Manny in the line-up, these guys are going to see pitches and they’re really peaking at the right time.


I can’t lie. I’m getting greedy. I don’t want a sweep. The boys need to bring it back to Beantown so that they can close this thing out right at Fenway. It’s like Brazilian Soccer, it’s not good enough to win, you gotta win with style. LOL. See, this is how things go when a team fails to show up like the Colorado Rockies… what a joke. This is like playing against he JV. Out.

– Lake

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One Response to “Warm up the bus!!! Sox roll the Rockies…AGAIN!”

  1. RosyF Says:

    Ellsbury is the man….I’m down with him, Navajo peeps, and peyote. Thanks for the free taco.

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