This just aint right…


Hey, I know Heidi Klum and Seal are happily married with children and I support it. But something just aint right about this damn picture.


Memo to all biracial couples with children: You just don’t do stuff like this. This kid looks like Carrot top on his way to a minstrel show. It’s embarrassing, degrading and down right hilarious. Dammit, make it stop. They need to publish a biracial handbook or something to help these moms out here deal with black hair and racial sterotyping, in that order please.

Even Randy and Simon had to weigh in on this one.



– Lake

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14 Responses to “This just aint right…”

  1. kiwi Says:

    the kids is so cute….tell us what you would like to see done with his hair please.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    I’d like to see it CUT for starters…

  3. Ci Says:

    His hair looks like any kid’s hair that’s been running around all day. I’m not sure if this is a paparazzi picture, but if so…If you have kids, think of the many times your child’s hair wasn’t done. What if some weirdo was stalking you and your children taking pictures of them…It doesn’t mean you need a book on doing hair…it means they’re children, who aren’t going to be prim and proper all the time. ADULTS aren’t even at 100% all the time. I like his hair, I think it’s natural, cute, and free. Also, he’s dressed like that bad spider man guy…it’s not a minstrel show.
    I understand what you mean by some people not knowing how to do their bi-racial kid’s hair….but on the same token, I’ve seen parents who have both white parent/black parents who’s kids hair looks jacked, anyway.

  4. Lexie Says:

    I think it is completly fine to be a biracial child. The whole thing with kid wont be as smart or have less of a chance at becoming something great thats not true! Skin does NOT matter! We are always telling our kids dont be a bully or pick on someone at school. Well that is exactly what we are doing is picking on people who are different or whos hair is frizzy or skin a little darker or lighter. And we wonder why are kids dont listen to us………because we always tell them date your own kind and be friends with your own kind. There is no -kinds- in this world! We are what we are…you are what you are! I dont care if you are white black brown purple or blue! you are a person and if you let the color of your skin affect the way you act then thats your choice but that dont mean thats how the rest of the people your color are acting! STOP JUDGING!

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    What? Slow down, all I want is for mommy to take her son down to the barber to get that damn hair cut and mind the wild outfits she puts the boy in…. end of discussion.

  6. Debbie Laws Says:

    Ugh. You gotta be kidding me. WHAT is wrong with this picture? Nothing. There’s alot wrong, alright, but it’s nothing to do with this picture. It’s this world or, more specifically, people that are wrong, people who feel empowered in some sick way by expressing their opinions about everything. Notice how they NEVER have anything good nor positive to say? Shut the f up and get a life. Stop judging everyone, everywhere about everything and take a look…..a good look… the mirror. This is just one more example how people have made God’s beautiful world a really ugly place. That picture is adorable. Stop hating and being jealous. Try feeling happy about another’s happiness. You just may experience a little inner peace.

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    I always enjoy and appreciate someone who can put God and Fuck in the same post and then talk about “being positive”.. great. Enjoy the rest of the blog.

  8. crissa Says:

    well it is very common for biracial childrens hair to be messy..and by looking at the pic he was outside where it is windy..and she is holding a pumkin which signifies that they are probably outside picking pumkins at the patch..i have 2 biracial daughters (im black,their father is white).and when they come home from school and day care their hair is usually a mess..dont critisize the poor kid..he probably had a rough

  9. Lindsay Says:

    It’s halloween, get over it

  10. katie Says:

    Wow you really don’t know anything about CURLY hair. It has NOTHING to do with him being BIRACIAL. ANYONE can have ANY type of hair. This little boy has absolutely beautiful hair and in that picture their is absolutely nothing….NOTHING wrong with his hair. When a child who has very curly hair is born, the absolute best thing you can do is wait as long as possible before it is cut. They should not cut his hair until he is at least four, and I am absolutely sure that this little boy is getting the very best of products in his hair….more money has probably been spent on his hair than in your entire lifetime. You need to respect this innocent child of our future and respect that not everyone is just like you and has hair just like you. Certain hair types have certain needs and you obviously don’t understand that. Have you seen a close up of this little boy. He is beautiful…..a beautiful child of our future.

  11. annette Says:

    i think that kid is beautiful. have u seen his other pictures???? its what i call the best of both worlds! and NOWAY!!!! he doesnt need a haircut! if u wanna talk crappy hair take a look at all those dirty ragged rockstars! but what makes it so acceptable for them to have sickly dark black hair with red streaks and sick pale skin and makeup? is it coz well.. they arent biracial? leave heidi’s kid alone his hair is beautiful and unique plus hes only a toddler, he’ll worry about his hair when he gets married or something, not now dammit! let him be a kid!

  12. kwame Says:

    hair is hair if you wanna comb it you do and when you don’t have time in the morn then you don’t. find a picture of hate hudson and her son now that is a baby that needs a hair-cut!

  13. kwame Says:

    oh yea and he looks like he is comming from a school halloween party or some kind of harvest festival

  14. Colin Says:


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