Josh Beckett and the Sox make a statement


Hey, this game was over before it started. Josh Beckett came out and gave the Colorado Rockies the business.


With this cat going this well, I’m not sure anybody will beat him. And you just gotta love the look on his face. He’s a full on dick and he just doesn’t give a fuck. I love it. When your ace let’s the diminutive rookie Dustin Pedroia take you out of the yard on the first bat, you know it’s going to be a long night.


Pregame, the Rockies said they felt no ill effects from the 8 day layoff. Well, if that’s the case, then they may want to call their local agent and take out a policy including this:


We’ll see how things go tonight, but Lakey has his favorite bottle of bubbly on stand bye already. It’s still early, but the Rox looked like they didn’t have a clue last night. And my boy Manny was KILLING those cats. Hell, even that clown Rudy Giuliani took time to jump onto the Boston bandwagon.


The rest of your clown Yankee fans need to come on in, get down with these Sox and just give up on your hopes and dreams of a viable team. Sorry, there’s a new power in town and it aint you.


And if you don’t like handling it like some gentlemen, we can get into some ole gangsta shit.





Tonight Curt Schilling, my least favorite Sawk, has his shot. Let’s hope he can get the thing done, if not, maybe he can comeback in Game 6 with a fake errrr surgically repaired bloody Sock which will serve as a metaphor for his massively ridiculous ego errrr devotion to the cause for the boys…Go Sox…and Curt, I guess.


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5 Responses to “Josh Beckett and the Sox make a statement”

  1. Wally Says:

    Boston is going all the way. These Rocky Mountain bitches are no match for us. Schilling, go ahead and taze them bro, go ahead and TAZE THEM!!!!

  2. Brandon K. Says:

    Yankees suck!!! Love this post.

  3. DJ in MIA Says:

    Josh Beckett is a mini god.. I love him.

  4. Jake Smock Says:

    GO RED SOX!!! YANKEES SUCK!!!!!!! This is an awesome website. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. YankeeWorld Says:

    How many years did the Yankees own baseball? How many years did they go without even knowing that the Boston Red Sox were still a baseball team. Soak it up sox fans because your team sucks dick! and your time to shine will only last a short while. i agree its so gangsta that your pitcher has to go after the oldest guy on the yankees bench. lol what a bitch. only a red sox!

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