Florida Review Board: It was a good Taze



After further review the Us Versus Them Department of Law Enforcement and Corrections has found that the arse whooping, manhandling and especially the Tazing of dat candy ass experienced by the idiot Florida Student was proper, prudent, appreciated, encouraged, and enjoyed… 🙂


Oh and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement also held that the incident which lead to surging electricity that hopefully lightly seared Andrew Meyer’s punk ass was properly administered too.

Man, that never gets old, especially the “ouch, ouch, ouuwww” he screamed out like he’s 5 years old or something. “What did I do?” haaaa


Sorry bro, but as my Republican friends have told me time and time again, Freedom isn’t Free. Just glad it happened to you, that it wasn’t me and most importantly, that I got to see and laugh at it.

Now go away.. Thx.

– Lake

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