Drama in Real Life: Dude Calls 911 on Himself!


We usually cover national news, but sometimes regular people do things that are just too good to pass up. So Us Versus Them fan MRod, owner of this blog was apparently out Saturday night when he got faded on Red Bull and Vodka. When I say he got faded, I mean he got fuuuucked up. He has no idea what happened that night, but he apparently did a little self evaluation and decided it was time to call 911.


Here’s the best thing about that…How can you be so drunk that you think calling 911 from a cab is a good idea, yet still have enough control of yourself that you know that you are supposed to call 911 when there is a problem? What happened dog?

You want to know the best part? Remember how I said he blacked out and didn’t remember anything? Peep what he missed:



He was at the buck naked chick, take your shirt off and paint your boobs party?!?!? And he doesn’t remember a thing? I mean neither of the chicks in those pics are UvT quality, but a free peek is a free peek. Actually, the girl up top has that look in her eye that Lake can’t pass up. Ha!

It’s all good MRod, lay off those dranks and maybe next time you’ll have one of the buck naked chicks take you home so they can evaluate your medical condition next time. Oh, and if you ever get invited to one of those parties again, holla at cha boy!


One Response to “Drama in Real Life: Dude Calls 911 on Himself!”

  1. mrod Says:


    You’ll get the first invite to the next boobfest or vajayjay (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/28/fashion/28vajayjay.html) shindig.

    – mr0d

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