‘War Criminal’ Rice gets red in the face


Boy oh boy, she may have looked hardcore when that nutty protester put those wild bloody hands in Secretary of State Cunnilingus Rice‘s face, but you just know inside she was shatting her pants.


Memo to Ms. Rye: When someone runs up on you with blood on their hands and shouts out “Iraqi blood is on your hands, War Criminal, War Criminal, WAR CRIMINAL” and pretty much everyone in the room understands the basis for said lambasting you just received, that’s an indication that you’ve done a pretty horrible job while ‘serving our country’.


It should be further evidence that you need to get yourself a damn man, because unlike Oprah who makes black, female, rich and powerful look cool, you just make it look like a “Mad Magazine does Washington” open call gone horribly wrong.


Oh and let me lob another memo to our secret service. Maybe it’s too much to ask, but can you prevent random chicks with last names of Ali-Fairooz from running up on top ranking government officials, on Capitol Hill no less, and nearly air strangling them with bloody hands? What’s worse, that she walked through security with what appeared to be blood covered hands or that she was able to get through security with some blood looking liquid? I thought yall have ‘actionable intelligence’ on liquids and gels used as weapons. If that’s really the case and you’re going to force me to check my damn contact solution on every single damn flight, the least you can do is protect a senior cabinet member, no matter how damn trifling and embarrassing she is, from wildness like this.


Do you think Condi Rye just sits up at night, likely alone, but perhaps with a white man like myself and says, “Damn, I’m a fucking war criminal..”

Probably not, but believe you me, the rest of us think you’re pretty shitty nonetheless.

Kiss my ass.

– Radical Lake the lefty

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4 Responses to “‘War Criminal’ Rice gets red in the face”

  1. section9 Says:

    Well, no. Say, maybe 15% of the country thinks that way, tops. Normal people don’t share your fanaticism. They don’t hate her like you do. Not everyone in this country runs around defining themselves by who they hate, like that batshit insane Code Pink lady.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    I don’t hate her, I just think she’s a disgrace, along with W Bush and the rest of the major players in the GOP and all you idiots who voted for him the second time. Finally, this country was established and always has been completely defined by who “they” or “we” hate. Stop kidding yourself. Come back now, ya hear?

  3. Amy Tan Says:

    Bush and all his people are the worst. Why section9 feels as though he needs to defend anything about them is beyond me. What kind of idiot still supports George Bush and his cabinet? The impact of their blunders and lies may not be fully realized for a long time, but common sense tells you that they’ve been horribly bad for our country and the world at large.

  4. hippie hater Says:

    Lol, you people are anti-American pussies. Next time your out protesting I hope someone beats the shit out of you and pisses on your knocked out ass. Anyway the fact is that there has never been peace, throughout time people have been fighting and always will. From cavemen to romans to modern times, everyone has had their own agenda they are fighting for. If you enjoy the life you live, and want to continue that way you have to protect it. Proactive not reactive. Pussies like you will cause the downfall of our great nation, figure it out! I’m sick of listening to you little girls whine and cry, I hope the time a terrorist attacks you or someone you know gets taken out in it.

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