The World Series starts tonight and Beckett is on the prowl



It’s 12:47 PM and I don’t have a ticket to the World Series Game 1 featuring the Colorado Rockies vs. the Boston Red Sox. Don’t worry though, your boy Lakey Magic is still working the angles, painting the corners and if I have to, I’ll reach back and go to my fastball, which of course, would be walking my ass over to Stub Hub and buying a ticket for a cool G stack.


I’m not sure if I’m prepared to go that hard yet, after all, this isn’t an elimination game. But Josh Beckett is nasty. The Red Sox thugs are ready and the beer is cold, not to mention my Goose on ice, so I think I’ll be headed that way.




I took a little stroll down to Fenway last night to see what’s up with the 300 or so tix they had available to everyday fans. Sheeyut, those mofo’s were out there in the elements, some in tents and some, well, just hitting that cold, hard, likely piss infested Boston concrete. I pulled up in my luxury wip (not too smart, gotta look like you’re one with the people even if you aren’t…I’m not), immediately ascertained the line rules, and then determined that about 200 souls were already in line. Hmmmm, what to do. Look, if they let me park my car on Lansdowne street, I’d live out of my car for 24 hours, pumping Lil Wayne, getting my bluetooth on and sleeping on plush leathers…. but hit the streets like I’m Oliver Twist at the turn of the industrial revolution? Hells no.

I mean, this aint Krzyzewski-ville with grass and internet connections, this is downtown Boston with rats, cats, roaches and muthafuckas everywhere!!! One way or another, I’mma get me a seat for this World Series, believe that. But I can only take my quest so far. Maybe if I had some of my nillas with me and a bad babe to keep me warm, but otherwise, I’ll leave the slumming to the hardcore mothers and their children (literally) I saw out there. And yes, it’s 50 degrees out here and raining not now, but RIGHT NOW.

At least there’s a Popeye’s down the block. One thing I know is that my boy Manny is getting ready right now. Hey, we just need one thing:



– Warm Lake

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