Is Anyone Watching “The Salt-N-Pepa Show”?




Yeah, I didn’t think so. That shit looks turrible.


P.S. – Pepa, when you get work done…


It shouldn’t look like…you know…like you actually got work done. Yikes! I guess we know where your “Surreal Life” money went.


Dude, I made the mistake of watching this show one day en route to checking out “Gotti’s Way” the low Irv Gotti Reality show. It was certified awful. Salt is a devout Christian, so now she’s changing all her raps up to praise “Him” and Pepper is still just trying to get that dough and wile out with men who she has no business messing with (like how did she ever land Trech back when he was on top?). I guess he likes his chicks ahem masculine.  Anyway, the show is awful and unworthy of a review on this blog.  Salt is just too evolved, so she’s useless to us.

– Lake

One Response to “Is Anyone Watching “The Salt-N-Pepa Show”?”

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