A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila roundup, episode 2


UPDATE: Read our A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila Episode 4 round up HERE.

Ok, so I tuned into my favorite show right, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila..


Tila is just so much better at this thing than New York’s terrible ass.. Anyway, I turn the show on and I’m immediately put off by what I see. They play spin the bottle and every time the bottle lands on a dude, they are immediately directed to do something gay. Now, I know men typically cow tow to women on these shows, I mean, that’s what these guys are there for, but when you add in the lesbian or bisexual flow, it just changes the game all around. See, these babes are all lesbians, so it’s cool for them to pull some ole, “go stimulate Denise” over a friendly game of spin the bottle, but that aint cool when it’s a room half full of dudes and half full of hot chicks that don’t (allegedly) want to do sh*t with you.


Then they ask the guys to put on a chick’s panties,


perform ahem oral sex on the bottle (he did it) and go and kiss some hairy rat bastard on the lips…pardon me, but that’s not entertaining. That’s bad tv. Fix this problem. Nobody wants to see that shit.


What we want is that chick who lied and is really also into guys and the show shall giveth. Enters Rebecca.


Indeed, the hot chick Rebecca who got some burn in my last entry for her crazy body, smooth flow and ability to get Tila’s juices flowing showed that her game was a lil too tight. Chick went ahead and cheated on Tila with not one, but two people. Moreover, she was supposedly fucking a dude (nice) and kissing up on a chick (love it)…


That’s great tv right? The only problem was that Rebecca’s antics got her canned at the end of the show… “Rebecca, your shot at love is over” awww dammit. You get rid of one of the hottest babes on the show with the best body because of ho activities? What’s wrong with America today? We want those chicks who cheat on Tila, get caught and then lie about it. If that’s not encouraged on a show like this, then what’s the damn point?


(Oh yeah, that’s right. Several women who look hot in bikinis and Tila)

Again, Viacom is missing the point and not giving the people what they want. Too much legitimacy, not enough hoes and general wildness. Don’t make me give yall the Keeping up with the Kardashians treatment…. Well, with a babe like this who kisses up on babes and dudes every show, that will never happen…


Te Amo Tila…

In short, let’s stay high on drama and wild foolishness and low on principles, values and good moral fiber. I don’t come to you for that. Here’s an idea for next week’s show: Tila has a threesome with a guy and girl that went too far with the girl or guy liking it a little too much, such that Tila has to cut them off.. Genius right? That kind of innovative thinking and foresight is what I expect for you guys next weekend. Get it right, get it tight. This is what the people want. And don’t forget, it’s not too late to do my show titled, Lake of Love….perfect.

And yes, those nude videos and pictures of Tila just never stop coming, NSFW.

– Late night Lake (edits will have to come later)

4 Responses to “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila roundup, episode 2”

  1. The curse of Hope Solo: Ryan out as coach « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] who knows what the queen of all bitchiness and unsportsmanlike behavior will get into next (maybe a shot at Tila Tequila, she seems like she may go that way). She hasn’t played in a single game since she broke […]

  2. Tila Lover Says:

    Tila is one hot chick. Man, I want a shot at love with Tila already. They’re gonna have to bring this show back for part two. Rebecca was a slut, she had to go. I love Tila. Sexy muthafucka!

  3. superawesomevillains Says:

    I don’t know man, Rebecca looks kinda like Ludacris with boobs in that picture.

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ha, yeah, it’s a bad picture, but did you see her body on the show? Pretty insane.

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