Dirty Byrd?


Drop down and get yo’ eagle on…. Wow, I can’t believe some slug who looks more like my insurance salesman than a major league ball player just got exposed for HGH use.


“Just everyone relax, I did nothing wrong, I’m a Christian”…

Paul Byrd, the witch who pitched the Cleveland Indians to a Game 4 victory in the ALCS on Tuesday versus the Red Sawks reportedly purchased roughly $25,000 worth of human growth hormone and syringes, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The HGH came from the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center, a Florida-based anti-aging clinic (P dot Byrd is a geriatric 37 years old) that is under investigation for illegal distribution of performance-enhancing drugs for things OTHER THAN aging. Pretty hilarious actually, homey is getting a “prescription” from some cat who looks like this:


And he’s getting it for a condition, OLD AGE, he doesn’t have. I know, I know he got it for a tumor on his pituitary gland, because when you’re a millionaire and you’ve got a life threatening growth near the base of your skull the first place you run to is a wellness center in Florida for old blue hairs from Queens. Makes perfect sense.

Oh by the way, Byrd has acknowledged that with his 72 MPH fastball, the was “tempted” to cheat, just not THIS time… haa Peep this cat’s quote on the subject:

I have had the temptation to take more of it than what was prescribed, so my fastball would reach into the 90s [mph] on a consistent basis. I never succumbed to any of those temptations. I never took any more than what was prescribed. I was trying to think of a way to prove that to people. I don’t know that there is.”

I was kind of hoping for a tearful “I haaaave siiiiiined” quote or at least a “before you can rebuke the sin, you must first know it” blast… that would have been HOT. Paul, next time you’re tweaking on performance enhancers, banging out an unsanctioned same-sex acquaintance or starting an un-winnable war with a country that didn’t attack you, look to a cat like this for your rhetoric.


It’s far more entertaining..

By the way, Barry Bonds is NOT GUILTY in the UvT court of opinion…not sure why that’s relevant, but for some reason I felt that I needed to say that.

– Lake

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3 Responses to “Dirty Byrd?”

  1. Barry Bonds Says:

    Bonds is completely innocent until proven guilty. Lets try and leave him out of other people’s problems.

  2. High Five Says:

    Barry did it, Byrd did it, Giambi did it, hell, I even did some. It should all be legal if you know how to do it right, it’s not bad for you. HGH appears in the body already, there is nothing wrong with using it. Byrd got his from a dentist, so you know it was legitimate. LOL.. High Five!!

  3. Chief Wahoo Says:

    They all do Roids. The game is tainted. It’s sad.

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