Memo to Cleveland Indians fans: Lose the racist sambo mascot


Seriously, if you have a modern day Sambo as your team logo, you don’t deserve to win anything.


And maybe that’s why you haven’t won a World Series since 1948, it’s bad racism karma. I know, I know, it’s not offensive, it’s just that some local baseball team name and mascot are a part of your personal heritage (along with hoes, hot dogs, beer and kettle corn) and your buddy Cody, whose grandfather was “pure Cherokee” doesn’t find it offensive so why should anybody else. Believe me, I know.


Look, if I’m not mistaken your mascot “Chief Wahoo” loosely translates to “stupid Indian” so you’re not honoring anybody except your fat, stupid, loser beer soaked egos by keeping that disgrace plastered on all your gear, your stadium and your reputation.


Are you serious? Mocking a people who were (they are mostly DEAD) the indigenous inhabitants of the Cleveland area, people who were disrespected, burned off their land, mass murdered and then actively eliminated for sport… NICE. Very Classy. Why don’t you go ahead and pay homage to Slavery for your next Cleveland franchise or how about a play off of the holocaust, that oughta fire up the cosmopolitan and cultured fan base from Cleveland.


I hope the Sox stick that bat straight up you ass in Game 7. You losers deserve it.

– Lake

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9 Responses to “Memo to Cleveland Indians fans: Lose the racist sambo mascot”

  1. Reggie Hammon, Jr. Says:

    I still love the Indians. What happened in the past stays in the past, just like Vegas. We haven’t won anything in years, so maybe we are cursed by dead Injuns…

  2. Punk Says:

    Fucking unacceptable to have a mascot like that. I’m disgusted with these people.

  3. Ronnie T Says:

    Racist fucks!


    […] 4. This blogger pretty much mirrors everything I think about the Cleveland Indians. Bad racism karma!!! […]

  5. Chris Linderman Says:

    Holy crap, you whiny sons a bitches. The fans don’t name the team or the mascot, which is slider now btw, he’s some kind of weird looking bird, I guess. The people who inhabit the Cleveland area today had almost nothing to to with salvery, the holucost, or the mass murdering of indigenous tribes. (go tribe! 1 and 0! opening day was yesterday!) I’m not an anarchist or anything, but I think our govt was responsible for 2 out of three atrocites you c-words are whimpering about. Enjoy your thankless lives, devoid of physical activities, I’m sure. If any of you nerds ever come to Cleveland, look me up, I’d be happy to absolutely scalp you. Seriously, it would be my pleasure.

  6. Josh T. Says:

    The Cleveland Indians were named in honor of one of the first Native American players in the Major Leagues. Back then, it was a great homage by the Cleveland organization. Now, people ignorant of the past and the history of this ball club want to change it because of their own negative connotation with the word “Indian”. If people are offended by the Indians, why aren’t people offended by the Pittsburgh Pirates, Dallas Cowboys, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

  7. Ry Says:

    I used to justify the logo and name much like the organization. that was before I met my wife, who happens to be native. No, not in the I’m 1/16 Cherokee… she grew up on a reserve, her parents are native. She tells me she feels like their are bigger problems facing Native people today, but how can I wear the hat… go to the games… knowing that her family would be hurt. I would be embarassed taking her and her family to a cleveland game. Shame. Now I live in Philly, and I now root for the Phils.

  8. Cody Says:

    You guys are so damn stupid, lol. Cleveland adopted the name Indians because the old NL Cleveland Spiders had a Penobscott Indian named Lou Sockalexis for a catcher. It was in honor of an Indian that the club was named that. Chief Wahoo has been around for years, and its not meant to be offensive to the native americans, its just a logo and a pretty cool one at that. “Save the Chief” is the chant in Cleveland whenever this subject comes up. Personally I dont see how its offensive, If I were a group that was represented as a logo on a professional sports team the way they are, I would think its cool & proud that my heritage is being represented, everyone with common sense knows that there is no intent to insult the native americans, & I think if a poll were taken, a good sized number of them would say they dont mind, I think its a minority of them who just need something to complain about cause thats what some people do, they complain. There is no disrespect intended toward them.

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    Right, no disrespect. They were wiped off the face of the earth and you have an indian sambo mascot, but there’s no disrespect because some jerk off who may or may not be named Cody says so. Damn, is it that easy? We should send you over to Palestine to reserve this Arab-Israeli conflict, too. Just tell them “don’t sweat it”.. Clown.

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