Joke’s on You


You ever told a joke that wasn’t funny?  Well celebrities get so popular that they think they are being funny in public, when in reality they are just killing themselves.

For example:


I get it Ne-Yo, you are making the “funny gangster” face because you know that dude you have gripped up is terrible.  Still no reason to have your photo taken in that position.  Those Pocahontas boots and that fromage de cottage going on back on that back leg are terrible.



I’m sure this sounded great on paper at 3am after a few shots of Patron.  But there had to be a moment..I’m thinking somewhere between when Jamie put on those tight red pants and looked across at that feather in his hat, that it didn’t seem so hot anymore.

Then there is everything this dude did since Jerry Maguire:


Dammit Cuba, you were legit back in Boyz n the Hood.  What happened?

Leave funny to the pros fellas.


2 Responses to “Joke’s on You”

  1. Beatrice Hottie Says:

    Cuba is still cute to me. I think he may be gay though.

  2. Shownuff Says:

    Neo is gay. This may not be him joking. I think he rocks out with his cock out and bangs out with his wang out. Problem is, all of it is with men. Dammit, what is wrong with the world today? Go Tar Heels.

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