Disgrace: Harvard Law Grad ‘stars’ on I Love NY 2


UPDATE: PUNK Gets Engaged To Jennifer Hudson?  CHECK OUT the story HERE.

LOL… Dude, I can’t tell what’s more disgraceful, the fact that this fool David “Punk” Otunga has chosen to place himself among the ranks of random freaks, crack heads and scalawags on I Love New York 2 (which all by itself is INSANE) or this cat’s general appearance (starting with that absurd hairpiece he’s rocking atop his roided out body)!


Dude, are you fucking serious? I mean, is this cat truly serious? Not only has this cat set his people (whoever they are) back about 163 years, but he’s basically single-handily shated on higher education, pissed on the law, and completely invalidated each and every single academic degree ever conferred upon any person from Harvard University (and yes that does include the school of Education…lol). I mean, I thought Ted Kaczyski was a muthafucka and Harvard’s worst nightmare, but when you put that fool next to a dude named “Punk” from I Love New York 2, suddenly the Unabomber doesn’t look all that bad.


He’s actually kinda pimpin in those stunna shades and that tight hoody. Who knew, maybe he’s a smooth dude–


Uh, no, no… this fool looks about as wild as he was crazy. A true blemish on the Real HU’s record. I mean this cat is looking like Wolverine’s bullshit drunk uncle with some rusted claws and zero rejuvenating powers.

But yes, I submit to you that what David Punk is doing is definitely worse than what this broke ass Wolverine ever did. I mean, look at the company this fool is keeping. Did you ever catch Kaczynski kicking it with Midget Mac?


And look at New York herself, looking like a broke ass pornographic muppet.. Mang, why am I watching this show?


I don’t know. I guess it is entertaining in that train wreck kind of way. They just need to go ahead and bring Chance back though, because these cats just don’t have enough charisma to keep the show going.


Least of all this cat..


(Is this cat serious? I haven’t seen that look since Daryl from Soul Glo flashed it right after he applied activator to his mustache)

What a super clown to end all clowns. I mean, let’s just say this cat legitimately wants to get into acting, this is how you break into the biz? As some side show for a chick that was Flavor Flav’s third ho? That’s how you break into the biz, huh? Like in 10 years someone will be reading off your profile at the Oscars saying, “he got his start on I Love NY 2 as one of the many man-hoes who didn’t get picked for love”…..Haaa, I can’t say it and since his race is unconfirmed, I’ll just do it my way, non-NILLA PLEEZ!! Seek help.


– Lake

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49 Responses to “Disgrace: Harvard Law Grad ‘stars’ on I Love NY 2”

  1. Beatrice Hottie Says:

    Why can’t Punk and Midget Mack be looking for love? People are so negative these days. I think Punk is a hottie. I like his tight nut huggers too. He He..

  2. Embarrassment Says:

    This guy is a joke. This show is a joke. Why are you even waisting your time on this?

  3. Shownuff Says:

    I’m not surprised. Most of the Harvard people I’ve met aren’t all that intellegent anyways.. They may be book smart, but they’d never survive on in the real world. Try the skool of hard knocks, then come talk to me.

  4. Leslie Ann Says:

    Leave David alone, he’s hot in his tight shirt! 🙂

  5. Tron Says:

    A black man with spiked hair, the end of days are near….

  6. I Love NY: Tiffany’s believe it or not « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] come into the house as steroids abusers, aspiring actors, certified midgets, rappers, maybe an ignant clown who had a respectable life as a legitimate attorney but threw it all away trying to be a star on a gutter reality show, alleged gay porn stars (I know, […]

  7. julie Says:


  8. T W Says:

    I had been wondering why I was so amused by this show and you stated it perfectly; like watching a train wreck.

  9. black love Says:

    I know it’s strange ,that a Harvard educated lawyer would be on a show like this. But quess what? That’s his mf business!!!! Your comments about this man is too harsh and on the edge of being racist. He,set back his people, back whatever his race is over a hundred years,that statement reminds me when white people use to tell black people be a CREDIT to your race. Whether he’s there for New York.or he’s trying to become an actor is his business. Maybe, this show will enhance his career as a lawyer or hinder it time will tell. Your hatred for Punk & New York is so venomous, don’t watch the showif i’t bothers you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Liz Says:

    Please let us fawn over a beautiful, intelligent man. There are not enough of them! What is so great about being a lawyer? You are acting as if that is a position of high authority, class, and integrity. There are some lawyers who are sleazier than that dang show. Good for him that he left that law firm to pursue a career in the entertainment biz. At least he won’t be defending criminals or representing someone who wants to sue a fast food restaurant because their ass got fat. Let David be David. I would watch that man read a phone book. Hot hot hot!!!

  11. Goey00 Says:

    Well people! I have to give credit where credit is due and I have to agree with Black Love Says…..
    If Punk (Harvard Law School or not) chooses to be a contestant on a show such as I Love NY 2 that is simply his business. Stating he has set his race back is his idiotic as well as shallow. Listen up 1 PERSON OR 5 THOUSAND PEOPLE (ex. NY, PUNK, JESSICA SIMPSON, OR BRITTNEY SPEARS ETC.) DO NOT RESPRESENT A RACE AS A WHOLE. please go lay on Until people understand this people like the jerk who wrote who.

  12. Goey00 Says:

    Well people! I have to give credit where credit is due and I have to agree with what Black Love Says…..
    If Punk (Harvard Law School or not) chooses to be a contestant on a show such as I Love NY 2 that is simply his business. Stating he has set his race back is his idiotic as well as shallow. Listen up 1 PERSON OR 5 THOUSAND PEOPLE (ex. NY, PUNK, JESSICA SIMPSON, OR BRITTNEY SPEARS ETC.) DO NOT RESPRESENT A RACE AS A WHOLE. Let that marinate for a minute. Also if Harvard Law School is that concerned about what their alumni are doing; then boost up their career services department and better educate their student . Perhaps they will be better prepared for the world when someone such as PUNK, NY, or Tailor Made does not live up to their “expectations”. When it’s all said and done we ALL have to embrace as well as respect people and their differences.

  13. Lake Arlington Says:

    I actually don’t see a place where it says he set his “race” back, but I guess you just read that in. Moreover, it’s a joke, not a cue for your low brow psychobabble. Finally, my nuts are sufficiently warm, kindly take them out of your mouth and enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving dinner. Peace be unto you and please, enjoy the blog.

  14. Respect HLS Says:

    Goey and Black Love:

    Are you clowns serious? This dude is on I LOVE NEW YORK a spin off of Flavor of Love.. it’s a fucking joke!!!! The only thing that isn’t funny about the post on this blog is that this guy actually did this show. It’s absurd!!! I’m a HLS graduate and NOBODY from my class would ever do something like this. Get your heads out of your asses and understand 1. that this blog is a comedy site designed to talk shit about pop culture, tv and media (areas this guy knowingly put himself into) and 2. that you idiots and flat wrong about this guy being on this show. Look at this dude’s hair, look at that tricked out body.. It’s a freak show and he’s taken himself from Harvard trained lawyer to one of the damn idiot freaks who HAVE to do a show like this to eat. This guy chose to leave the real world, for a bullshit would, and you’re mad about someone cracking a joke about “setting his people back”…. Clowns, that’s called satire, you’re called idiots and “Punk” is called a fool who doesn’t have the discretion, common sense or personal self worth to not do exactly what he’s doing right now to his career and life. Alright.. Now siddown, shut up and get a damn life, losers.

    “I don’t know if he’s there for New York”… Are you people fucking serious?

    Fools coming onto a comedy blog complaining about a damn lawyer who chooses to be on I LOVE NEW YORK…Part 2?!?!? No wonder Bush got re-elected.

  15. iluv2shoptoo Says:

    Like a large majority of others stated, “its Punks business”. I wondered myself why is he in pursuant of Tiffany, but hey, to each its own. I also agree about the racist underlying message within the post. Its soo sad how prevalent racism is within the world. How come negative “racists” comments were not made about the Rock of Love show?

  16. Tiffany3k3 Says:

    Hey Respect HLS,

    I just wanted to comment on your post. I really don’t care if it is a comedy blog, a blog should not be hateful or racist there is no excuse. And this blog clearly was. Why does it have to a race thing? He is a guy that went to Harvard Law school, so what if he is African American/Black. Really was it necessary to bring his race into all of this and in such a derogatory manner for the sake of comedy?(what kind of comedy is that?) I personally don’t care why he is on the show because at the end of the day it’s all about money (or in his case maybe love). But if he is doing it to get himself into show biz so what, it’s his life, his path. Why do people goto school(higher, grad school, etc), spend thier money paying to goto university, so they can make more money. So what is the big deal if this is the way he wants to do it. Because at the end of the day the equation is money, so get off his back. I wonder how people can just sit around and develope so much hatred for someone they don’t know.

    And from the way you write Respect HLS, you write as some who is clearly uneducated and uncultured. Really you went to HLS? What does it do for you except give you more connections? (but those connections can only go so far). Did it make you understand the law texts better, what is so grand about HLS except the tuition. Because as a former law student, I know that going to HLS does not make you a better lawyer, it’s you as a person and what you can do with what you know. So bragging about going to HLS just sounds funny on your part considering your use of English and vulgarity. Really.
    What is so great about HLS? I wanna know? Because at the end of the day no matter what school you went to, as a lawyer if your good you are good, in the courtroom nobody will be asking you which law school you went to. It is your ability to apply the law where applicable and sued the judges or whoever needs to be sueded in your favor, if you don’t have that ability nobody gives a care to what school you went to. That what I love about law if you work hard your work will speak for you not the school you graduated from.
    Your statements about going to HLS are laughable as if it going there makes you some higher being or something ( I laugh as I read your post). Are you serious? Are the law text books you read and learn from more speacial? I gotta know.

  17. McCANNY Says:

    i gotta say, i’d suck on his muscly man-tits anyday. punk rules–
    and sure fills out a t-shirt. yum-yum-u-make-me-cum

  18. Kecia Anderson Says:

    To each his own, I dont give a damn. I just wanna know how old Punk is?

  19. Kecia Anderson Says:

    He deserve much better than New York!!!

  20. Donald Jack Says:

    I suspect all this love for Punk comes from him and his friends who are trying to politic for his respect. There’s nothing racist about calling a person an embarrassment. There is no reference to his race. There is nothing here to suggest that the author of this post isn’t black or a minority themselves. These people are just babbling idiots and really, shouldn’t be paid any attention. Enjoy.

  21. Anon Says:

    David (I refuse to refer to him as PunK), has stated that he hoped to give a more positive view of black males on reality shows. This is one of the reasons why he agreed to do the show. He also states he was attracted to Tiffany “New York” Pollard. I know it’s like an oxymoron to appear on this show to influence views of blacks on Tv, but he has shown nothing but himself being a respectful and kind individual on this show. (Except when he’s provoked; like anyone else would) For those thinking that this has hindered his career; you’re wrong. It has actually opened up doors for him with influential members in the black entertainment and legal area. He now works with Jesse Jackson Sr. for the Rainbow Coalition doing Legal Aide work. He mentors and speaks to schools and youth groups as well. He’s proof that intelligence and hard work will always speak for itself in the end. He’s having no problems in the law area. He’s doing exactly what he set out to do, and more. Btw, David is biracial, so all the setting “his race back” comments don’t apply. That would mean he’s setting back not only the black population, but the white one as well. He does identify as black though. Even though that shouldn’t even matter.

  22. Lake Arlington Says:

    Again, nobody said he was setting his race back. I appreciate the update though. I’ll see him at reunions.

  23. Brock Hardon Says:

    Thanks for the insight…ummm anonymous. I admire his efforts to project a better image. respect. It’s like that Chris Rock skit, move Black people 5 steps forward….but wait…He thinks New York is attractive? Take 8 steps back. He didn’t put two and two together to see that even the most positive Black man chasing that caricature of a woman doesn’t balance. He hasn’t completely played himself other than when he accepted that name.

  24. Lake Arlington Says:

    Man look, let’s just start calling this like it is. That cat Punk didn’t talk to any black cats at Harvard. This Anonymous cat aka Punk’s boy or Punk himself is trying to move the goalposts after the ball done split the uprights.

    Hey, we know exactly who “Punk” is and what he is or is not doing with his talents/career. Yall cats aren’t telling us anything we don’t know. Look, he’s going to go around for the rest of his days being known as “Punk”…. Please, the post is valid. I must say though, Punk showed me a little bit of heart when he got mad at Chance and company and ran those fools off. Hey, we don’t have any beef with Punk. We’re just saying. Clearly he didn’t want NY or anyone who looks like NY or else homey wouldn’t have rolled the way he did at HLS. End of story. Now, I don’t want to hear any more pro Punk cats until Punk comes on and gives UvT an exclusive interview. We’ll just leave the interrogation table out of the equation entirely. Thanks for reading…

  25. Reallllly botherd Says:

    Sounds to me like you are a hater, hater that is of David aka Punk. Because he or anyone for that matter has an education they can’t have fun(what their idea of fun is). I don’t think anyone has the right to be condemning Tiffany aka NY for who she is. How do you or anyone knows whom their mate have been with and how many? NY is being herself, and not a pretender, she doesnt represent herself as one thing then act another way. Give her a break, whom ever she ends up with and I hope it’s PUNK, will know what they are getting into.

    P.S. I admire PUNK

  26. Donald Jack Says:

    Tiffany is being “real”.. are you kidding me? If that show was any more scripted, I’d be a cartoon. Punk is an ok guy, but he’s on a ridiculous show. He’ll take some heat for that as he should. No biggie either way. This blog is hilarious by the way. It’s going right into my bookmarks.

  27. Donald Jack Says:

    Dudes on this blog are definitely haters, but the shit is funny. One thing for sure, Lake and Brock don’t want to see Punk in real life. Punk showed that he aint to be played with.

  28. Lake Arlington Says:

    Really bothered. I’m definitely a hater…

  29. artesiabe Says:

    I admit watch reality shows! *sigh I feel better now confessing to you all because you all do too! lol! I kid, I kid!

    Lake…hon, you did say the piece on setting his people back….and I am sure when you think about Brittany, Lindsey, Sentor Craig, Don Imus, Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson, Mel Gibson, Kieffer Sutherland, Paris Hilton…they have done some embarrasing and illegal things (drunk driving, sex tapes, solicitation in airport bathrooms)…if we go with the idea of set backs, then these celebreties were spung forward-they are even more popular. Perhaps you have blogged about them and given the same criticism as you have given Punk, if you have, then hats off to you for being consistent.

    The responses have been fun and interesting to read! I agree in principle with a lot of the writers…even if I like punk and you do not.

    I respect your differing reasons, views and opinions about the show….but I do think your argument is mute when you begin to enter into this conversation about the show and in particular Punk…if you watched the show and then enter conversation about Punk (and the show) in your blog (and you had a lot to say my friend-lol)…whether you like it or not, you are now participant in the madness of reality tv. You have created the buzzz and conversation w/your topic to get people to respond. That could be your purpose…I just happened upon this post and decided to throw in a comment…or two *giggles

    These shows will continue, then will be replaced w/something else….btw, can we get the writers back to work? lol

    One last thing….I like Punk’ personality, but he could present my case anytime…or I could see him doing action movies *float off into a dream.. rofl!

    I am sure there will be a ripping away at my post, surprise me ok? *smiles
    Here is a hug for everyone!

  30. artesiabe Says:

    Well Lake, I went and read a few of your posts… an interesting take on what you post about. Your criticism of the the show and Punk is inline with your other posts.


  31. DisgustedMotherInNC Says:

    I have just watched “I Love New York” for the last time! As a mother of 2 gorgeous, articulate, adult daughters (college educated, I might add), David could come this way any time. New York does not want a real man…she wants a thug! First of all, she confuses someone trying to buy her, with love. Tailor Made is simply ridiculous! If you have money, believe me, you don’t have to constantly brag about it! His attempt to be above everyone else lacks class and is transparent. And, besides according to him, he is still legally married. I don’t care whose separated…that’s what they all say. Freaking adulterer.

    Buddha, is an out of control opportunist! In his attempt to be a “real man” it is apparent that he is an insecure little boy (with muscles) who has anger management problems. These two men (Buddha & Tailor-made) are head-butting, spitting fools. Believe me, real men are gentle, honest, they become offended when others defame your character, they pull out your chair, stand when you enter or leave a room. In looking at the last episode, David was the only one who stood as New York left the table. With all Tailor Made’s money, you would have thought he would have sense to stand his stupid behind UP! Point in case- he is simply trash putting on a front!

    New York deserves whatever she gets. I just know I am not watching another season of her ignorance. And while I don’t agree with Sister Patterson’s antics either, mother’s instincts regarding Buddha are right on. If his own family member has concern about his ability to manage his anger…New York had better be concerned.

    David (AKA Punk), you ARE better off. You deserve a classier sister, not one who is gaudy, loud, fake, uneducated and pretending to be something she is not. Stop dating down and you will be blessed.

    Tailor Made- I hope you do get some money and class one day! Perhaps if she picks you, then you will have your meal ticket and won’t have to continue to pretend. Remember, If you are well off, you surely don’t have to brag about. Take it from someone who has worked hard, recieved a great education, travels, is semi-retired at age (well let’s say mid 40s), and has been blessed to live extremely well. I would be extremely disappointed and appalled if my children boasted and bragged about what God has blessed us with…or if they felt as though they had to buy someone’s affection. It Is WEAK. Food for thought: My daughters would never take expensive gifts from any man other than their father…HINT, HINT.

    Buddha, Buddha, Buddha – who beat you when you were young. Although my degree is not in pyschology (my oldest daugter happens to have a child pysch and sociology degree), something certainly went wrong. So much anger…and where on earth is your mother. A man who loves and cherishes his mother surely would not be so disrespectful of a young lady (I use that term loosely) or her mother…regardless of the situation. A REAL man shows control and respect. He understands that walking off sends the message that “what you have to say means nothing” and “it is all about me.” He listens, even when conversations become difficult. And he NEVER brags to “the boys” about how good he was in the bed with any woman…especially one he supposedly cares for. I was embarrassed for you! To have to make up a sexual encounter is pretty desperate. You are an angry, selfish liar whose motive could not be clearer. Having muscles does not make you a man…who told you that? You are arrogant and ignorant (and I am not sure why, because you are not “all that”) and I pray that your anger does not get you in too much trouble because there are too many brothers incarcerated already.

    Finally, New York, New York – Oh my goodness! As my high schooler says…You Are A Hot Mess! You are not going to find love, dear, until you learn to love yourself! Anger does not equal love, gifts do not equal love, sex does not equal love! Love is gentle, kind, not boostful and rude. As best said in I Corinthians 13:4-8 … Love is perfect,love is kind. It does not envy, it is not proud. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrong. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perserveres.Love never fails. Dear, your hope walked out the door. Love is perfect – you claimed to have made had a list of things about David that were perfect and yet you let him walk out of the door. Anger, pride, envy, and boostfulness remains. Shame, shame, shame. Yet another sister who says she wants a good man but would not know him if he bit her. Good luck with that!
    New York, You Have Been Punked!

    I hope this post captures it for everyone. I am done watching TRASH TV. As entertaining as it has been, I have had enough of the nonsense.

  32. Goey00 Says:

    To HLS RESPECT or whomever:
    You are entitled to your opinion; just as I am entitled to mine. Hopefully by now you should know that the school which one attends or graduates from DOES NOT MAKE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also resorting to name calling surely proves that; that so called education you CLAIM to have recieved was a waste of “tax payers” money. We would like to think that a graduate of “HLS” would certainly have a much broader vocabulary.

    With that said; I am done going back and forth with you; my time is far more valuable. I came on this site to voice my opinion about David “Punk” being disrespected not to argue with some so called IVY LEAGUE graduate.

    In no shape or form did I ever intend to disrespect or belittle anyone. I guess the “little” college from which I graduated (Dowling College) forgot to make RUDENESS apart their curriculum.

  33. kitrek Says:

    Funny comparison of NY to the Muppet. THAT was awesome.

    But other than that, do you even read over what you’ve written? Suggestion: Watch the typos and use “cat” less. “This cat… that cat. Do you believe that cat?”

    Try to leave the slag out when you write.

  34. honestlythough Says:

    why does it matter if he a disgrace or not if u dont like the show dont watch save yourself sometime that does not need to be wasted…..some people like the show some people love it etc if its not you embarassing yourself on that show then why does it matter??????

  35. honestlythough Says:

    why does it matter if he a disgrace or not if u dont like the show dont watch save yourself sometime that does not need to be wasted…..some people like the show some people love it etc if its not you embarassing yourself on that show then why does it matter??????and who to say that he is steroided out???? punk didnt do nothin wrong besides go on a show and compete for love why new york ???? we dont know only thing wrong is that he accepted the name punk ……….thats about it punk is fine ……..sexy if i might say ..but how is he disgracing hls (i might have read something wrong and forgive me if i did) but how and what is he disgracing hls in any kind of way it doesnt say after you graduate hls that you cant go on love shoes and all that stuff does it????but hey its just my opinion i have mine just like everyone else has theres but in my other opinion PUNK IS FINE !!!!(i know i already said that before ) but that is one fine man and he dont need new york cause she would have been diggin on him anyway(gold digger)

  36. You Pick On One Look At The Others Says:

    I think that this blog is ridiculous. First David, was not behaving in a form that was degrading to African-American men. Second he has a Harvard Law degree, it’s all about networking, and he probably used Tiffany for his own benefit to become a succesful man. How come you rant about David setting African-Americans back but you did not speak in depth about Tiffany, Flava Flav and all those African-American people who have been on those reality t.v. shows who are setting African-Americans back (i.e.-Bootz, Shay, Schatar,Snoop Dogg, or that show Hot Ghetto Mess). The problem is that people like you enjoy picking on the lower end celebs and don’t realize that there are A-list celebrities that are portraying an image that is disgraceful to African-Americans. Why are there so many blogs on David, and not on the disgraceful reality show of Snoop Dog, O.J Simpson, Mike Tyson and countless others. How about you get out of the hype, and start really focusing where the real problem is, because a black Harvard graduate is not a problem. Pick on someone bigger, David being on I Love New York 2 does not set African-Americans back, but ignorant, irresponsible, classless and tactless people do.

  37. redia Says:

    Punk, if you read this, you can email me anytime


  38. Ketsha Says:

    All I have to say Is Call Me. David if you read this send me an email and I will give you my number. I want to show you what a real women is all about. I will give you all the excitement you need without the drama. There will never be a dull moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am newly single and looking for real love.

  39. Brock Hardon Says:

    Ketsha. Drop us a pic and we will hook you up with the all new UvT dating service. I always get a little wary when I see “real woman”…it is usually code for “big girl”, but his us up and we’ll see what we can do. I can’t promise Punk, but maybe we can hook you up with an American Gladiator or something.

  40. notorious Says:

    Disgusted Mother In NC u said it all. From day one I knew David aka Punk was the total package (brains and body) and it’s a shame Tiffany couldn’t see that.

    And to Punk if u read this, boo u truly were a gentleman to New York but deserve someone who actually does appreciate u. Best of luck in all of your endeavors and if u ever in atlanta or charlotte, hit me up.


  41. debra green Says:

    my name is debra green from chicago iam single woman looking for someone that knows how to treat a woman and i believe that is you. Iam twenty seven years old with two kids,I work at walsh construction and if you are interested in getting to know each other more you can email me at debrasexydebbie80@yahoo.com

  42. Lake Arlington Says:

    There you go Punk! Mission accomplished. ha

  43. sasha Says:

    Um, you didn’t say race, but you did say people which means exactly the same thing. When anyone says “my people” they mean the race which they are or identify with,and you Lake Arrington know this, do not try to play coy.
    Also, the poster who clarified that David Otunga is biracial, (but identifies as black) so he set his people back (white and black) was right.
    Of course people are going to read into what you wrote as being racist because whether you Lake Arlington, whether you are black or white and I hope you are not one of my people(black) you chose those words clearly to get a reaction out of people. So then I wonder why you insult posters who rightfully reprimand you.
    It is you who are a joke and a disgrace and not to be taken serious, after all Lake Arlington sounds like a moniker( so similar to Blake Carrington from Dynasty)and that photo of you looks like a joke, greased back hair and a fur coat?! You can’t be taken serious it’s all for show, just like this website!

  44. sasha Says:

    I just scrolled through the other posts in your site, and you are either black with that ridicuolous picture trying to throw people off, or you are white wanting to be black, or you are just a really confused person trying to confuse others as well.
    Please take down that horrid picture, it is scary,you look like a serial killer!

  45. Lake Arlington Says:

    Sasha, I must say, you are very insightful. I gotta give it up with a full respek finger snap. The site is actually a joke… or at least it tries to be. Of course that picture is me…I think I look good. Definitely white wanting to be black. My friends tell me that everyday. Thanks for the acknowledgment and please, keep commenting.

  46. Tanesha Dugar Says:

    First of all you are such a hater. I have had the pleasure of meeting David and he is one of the most noble ‘MEN’ i have ever met. David is a positive lifestyle activist. Yes he went to law school but that doent give him God-like authority. It’s just a school like any other that educates the regular yet mentally gifted people of this world. He made a wonderful choice to become and educated black man. And after he figured he could do more in life, he decided to do Ent, so what. I am truely proud to say that David ‘Punk’ Otunga graduated from my high school. Larkin High School in Elgin, IL. But in lame-ins terms ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’!!
    I have madd love for Punk!!

  47. Lake Arlington Says:

    What the hell are you talking about? All that “educated black man” talk is missing the point. There are plenty of Educated black men who don’t degrade themselves on some ridiculous reality tv show.

    Dude was on I LOVE NEW YORK, 2!!!!! God-like authority? Can I have a layman’s decency? Please, again, we know exactly who this cat is and what he’s like. We also know what is and is not acceptable from a cat who went to HLS, ok? It was embarrassing, nuff said. AND he got played by Tiffany too? Horrible, awful.

  48. Jennifer Hudson Gets Punk’d? « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] story is just too weird.  Haaavard Law Grad, Tiffany “New York” Pollard reject and former UvT punching bag David “Punk” Otunga allegedly got engaged to Jennifer Hudson […]

  49. xbushwacker Says:

    she better talk 2 star jones,does eric bonet ring a bell.oh he is smart.he got a taste of somewhat fame.and found poor j.h..to keep it going.girl do u think he really wanted 2 marry new york.come on now he was soooo n love with her.but she was smart,she knew he was as fake as her.and having a ugly family didn’t help.i like u take this one real slow.make him real mad and act like u don’t want him anymore.have nothing 2 do with him 4 a month,and still talk mess about him 2 him on the phone.and when he thinks its no more chance 4 u 2 maybe he will tell u what he really thinks about u.

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