Quick question for you Sox fans…


If the Red Sox’s strength is in their pitching, then why did Terry Francona leave the master of smoke and mirrors, Tim Wakefield, out on the mound after he gave up a home run and promptly put two batters on base with NO OUTS in the 5th?


(If you’re wondering, that’s me on the right last night as I watched that god awful 5th inning)

I just didn’t get that. And they showed Tito, just pacing around the dug out, looking like he wasn’t sure if he should go out and get that damn ball out of Wake’s hand.


Sure, a clean 4 runs later, now it’s time to bring another dude in? Terrible, awful. Terry is busy trying to conserve Beckett and company for later games while he should be thinking about survival. This is just silly. You get the sense that the Sox really could have won this series too. Just bad luck, bad decision-making by the manager and dammit, some pretty bad pitching too. Not good. Let’s hope they at least take game 5. What you got on that Manny, does it look good?


Hey Theo, what do you think the Sox chances are for game 5 and how do you like your Gagne and JD Drew acquisitions at this point?


Exactly. I think the Sox need a good slump buster to pull them out of this muck…hmm, where can I find–


Oh yes, perfect. Thanks darling. You’ll do. Kindly report to Fenway Park, not now, but right now.
– Lake

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