Is Nicole Scherzinger a UvT quality babe?




I know she’s got the basics down: Good singing voice (after all, she did rip that Come to Me with Diddy), moderate fame and a successful group album, but I’m not sold on Nicole Scherzinger, in fact, I’m not sure I should even be giving her run on my blog. At any rate, she put herself up in the November issue of Blender, with an article titled “Pussy Galore” (at least they kept it classy and subtle), so I guess I’ll go ahead and give her pics a look see.


Now see, I can’t tell if this shot is good or terrible. We’ve got a potential negative ass alert here and that aint good. Come on now girl.


Well, at least she smoothed it out for this shot. No question, she’s looking silky smooth in all the right places in this one, but I’m still not all that impressed. Take this babe, Lucy Pinder, for instance.


(Now that is a thick white woman, wow! And she didn’t buy that, she got that from her mama in the UK no less.  More NSFW-ish pics of this beauty HERE)

This chick is thick, slim and just sexy all in one. I guess that’s why she’s a pin up model in the UK. Oh and she confirmed au natural, something I can’t really say for ole Scherzinger with her super slim frame and uncharacteristically present and accounted for chest piece… We’ll have to put it up into the review booth, but I’m starting to get that sneaky feeling that we may have to call out haters on this one.


Hmm, my UvT intern pulled this picture and yes, it is an impressive shot of Nicole, but I’m still not fully convinced yet. I might have to give it the Lake Arlington test for firmness and authenticity:


Not sure she passed the UvT test… might have to throw this fish back. She just don’t belong in the company of bangers like Vida Guerra, Kardashian, Biel, Tila Tequila, Erykah Badu’s ass, Christina Milian and Noelia…


– Lake

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One Response to “Is Nicole Scherzinger a UvT quality babe?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Lol bet you wouldn’t say no though.

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