Diddy Do It? Diddy ever!



Don’t look at Diddy sideways dammit, or he will clock that ass.  I guess Diddy was chillin’ at Kiosk in SoHo when he and some cat were allegedly arguing over some woman who is sure not to be any of Diddy’s baby’s mommas and Diddy decided to punch him over it.  Hmmmm, no names being released, police are investigating the assault quietly, and Diddy said it was a “dispute between acquaintances”.  I wonder how Diddy and his “acquaintance” got so close?


How much money would it take to let Diddy punch you in the face?  I wonder if he has a crew of getting punched in the face biiyatches he keeps on payroll.  For instance, remember this cat?


Farnsworth or Fonzworth Bentley.  He was Diddy’s ex-b*tch assistant, and should have been at the top of the list of acquaintances who should get punched in the face.  Hell, I’d pay to punch him in the face.

Well whoever it is better call Shyne for advice before Diddy sticks him with his next assault case, gun possession, or some child support or something.  You know Diddy isn’t afraid to send cats to the sidelines.  Like, where the hell is Dylan?  Still producing with Wyclef?  I think not.


Hey until someone gets the champ, Diddy keeps the belt.  Someone is going to have to beat the man to be the man.


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