Crack Attack: Down Goes Bobby Brown!



I guess Bobby Brown was rushed to the hospital earlier this week for a mild heart attack regularly schedule checkup (according to him). Yeah, that doesn’t look like the face of a liar.


Uhhh, Bobby. In a regularly scheduled checkup they just run a few tests, listen to your heart and lungs, and hit your knee with that hammer thing. They don’t hook you up to I.V. fluid and heart monitors.

So, let’s see what else would just make Bobby collapse and need to be rushed to the hospital. Especially someone in such great shape?


Riiiiight, Bobby’s on that stuff. I almost forgot.

Oh the good old days of “Don’t Be Cruel”, “My Prerogative” and gumby slopes with lines cut in the side are long gone.


Don’t be cruel Bobby. Stop now before you end up looking like your ex-wife.


She cleaned herself up, you can too.

‘Cause I’m a crack-cr-cr-cr-crack crack crack head.


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