Why Kanye, why?


‘Ye laced us up with 13 tracks (a little bit light if you ask me) of lovely music to get your mouth watering and I appreciate him for that. Still, he’s been acting a bit off key of late. First, you’ve got the staged temper tantrums, which at this point can’t really be respected. Kanye is no fool. All pub is good pub and when you’ve got substance like he does, you have to make your mark someway other than the music itself.


(Case in point)

His way is to act like a Diva, something that thanks to MTV we can now definitely call a Divo. Terrible. Lil Wayne’s gimmick is drug use. No question, the boy gets high, but it can’t be like he says. After all, dude is a savvy bitniz man, artist and college student. At any rate, part of Ye’s persona is that he dresses different that “you aint up on this” element of his game. Like he’s somehow on another level fashion wise. Oh he’s on another level alright. The problem is it’s lower than your boy Lake, Brock and most the reasonable, non crazy, non Divo world. I mean, look at this cat’s getup he was rocking in gay Paree.


He had the nerve to talk about this gear on his blog, like it was that real cutting edge hotness.. I think not:

1. I’m not feeling the tongue over the jean thing.. I mean, that’d be suspect if you were a 14 year old chick. It’s patently horrible as a grown ass man. Stop that

2. Them jeans you’re rocking are skinnier than your lady’s. Why not just rock her heels too? That aint fashionable, it’s corny and gay. Stoppit.

3. The extra smedium (small at the waist, medium through the breast plate) jacket is like your song Drunken Hot Girls. I can see where you want to go with it, but you either went too far or not far enough. No matter how you slice it, you missed the mark.

4. I call this Lake’s fashion rule No. 43: If you see a man’s outfit on the runway, pretty much any outfit, it’s not fit for real world consumption.


I am not impressed with King Divo Kanye bitting the style of some Euro art critic’s gay boy toy name Sven. I know you hate the jerseys, but I’d rather be stereotypical Timbo and throwback dude than stereotypical cocaine and gay sex dude. But that’s just me.


(Here’s a picture with BOTH these stereotypical dudes.)

All in all, I’m just hoping Kanye learns to stay in his lane. I know he doesn’t believe that he should do that. I recognize that people have told him what he can’t do and then he’s done it and it’s worked for him. I get all that. Still, this trying to be different just so you can rock that verse on “Good ass job” or whatever you next album will be named is not cool. Actually, it’s pretty tired. And no I don’t appreciate how this might impact Jay Z who promises to go “way out there” on his next album, American Gangster.


Jay, we don’t want you “way out there” or over our heads with your rhymes. We want “Give it to me,” “The Takeover,” “Is that your chick” and “Excuse me Miss (Remix)” Jay Z. The minute you attempt to drop knowledge like you did on “Beach Chair” is exactly when I tune out. When you go to see the Rock, you want the People’s Elbow, followed by the People’s Eyebrow, followed by a Rock Bottom and then a cover. You don’t want to see some ole introspective Brahma Bull, trying to put a Boston Crab on a cat in tribute to Rick “the Model” Martel. Damn that. You and Nas will never understand that cats don’t want that from you. We read books for that. Do what we like. Witty, shit-talking, money, beeyatches and hizzoes all over a Kanye or Just Blaze Beat.. Leave the acting to Denzel.

– Lake

2 Responses to “Why Kanye, why?”

  1. Hipandpop.com Says:

    i like this , i have seen the links here , but i need more of the pics and videos in the content .

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