Damn homey, on Survivor you were the man homey!!!


What the f*ck happened to you?


Damn, one of my favorite villains from Survivor, Johnny Fairplay, got worked over by Danny Bonaduce at the Reality TV Awards (what?). Anyway, the whole exchange is hilarious, but just watch how that cat Fairplay walks off the stage.. Classic!!!

Freaking hilarious.


How many times did you see that exact same scene in High School, Class Clown v. Class Dick.


Winner by knockout, the Dick. Supposedly Fairplay is “pressing charges” whatever that means. I guess that’s the opposite of the “stop snitchin” campaign. Anyway, here is the aftermath of it all with Fairplay talking about his injuries and wild Danny Bonaduce saying he was only defending himself.

Good luck with that defense. Hilarious, all around.

– Lake (laughing)

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