iGallop: Is this for real?


So I came across this one surfing the internets this weekend.

Okay fine, let’s just say we went with the premise that riding a horse was an aerobic workout.  Do you really expect us to take the product seriously, when the strippers trainers are wearing cowboy hats in the demo?  And what’s up with the ass ridin’ close-up followed by the “flashing butt” graphic.  Necessary?  I think not.  Did that girl just whip out the guns?  Should I be impressed she’s riding with no hands? (Because I am.)

So you know your boy Brock had to follow up with some additional research.

Ol’ girl on the left gets the hang of it really quickly.  Is this in Sharper Image, Brookstone?  Is this some kind of new back massager?  You know…one of those back massagers.

Ride on ladies…ride on.  And if you are a man who has ever ridden one of these machines…seriously?  Seriously.


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