Mike Tyson: Crazy Throughout the Years…


You know Mike Tyson is one of my personal favorite dudes.  He was a killer in his prime and I still think Tyson – Holyfield right before Tyson went to jail would have been one of the greatest fights of all time.  In honor of him being one the verge of going back to jail, this time as a perfectly-round, superheavyweight, we need to look back at his body of work. 


(and as you can see, his body of work has gotten…uh, bigger over time)

Yeah, he’s unstable, abusive, crazy, and probably drugged at all times other than two weeks before and about 10 minutes after any of his fights.  This body of work for sheer craziness is great.  He really works himself up like Kellen Winslow in the famous “All Praise to Allah!” Rant.

Wow.  That “I’m a semi-good husband take is still a classic too.”

I’ll tell you who else I miss, a true showman, with knockout power at Featherweight.  Prince Naseem Hamed.  If you ever saw this cat talk with Larry Merchant after a fight, you know that those may be some of the best moments ever on HBO.  I it em, Larray.  An ee went down like timbaaaaaah.

The way he stops the entourage to shake it out at about 40 seconds is classic.


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