Virginia Authorities: ‘Stick it to Vick’


Now that Miguel Mexico has plead guilty to Federal charges associated with Dog Fighting the Commonwealth of Virginia is moving in to kick Mike Vick while he’s down.

Reports say that Virginia county prosecutors could present charges against Vick to a grand jury as early as this week. What can you say? This case is just like a lot of high profile cases. It has very little to do with Dogfighting and much more to do with Vick, who he is and what he represents. Oh well, what can ya do?

Is he a fall guy? Is he a scapegoat? I guess it doesn’t really matter. Ole boy played himself and I can’t really get his back, even though I’m probably more sympathetic to Vick than most. In the end, he made this bed, now he’s got to lay in it, but let’s be clear, Vick will be back in the NFL.

Bills 2009? Let’s hope so….

I’d pretty much take OJ right about now.  Is there a way to fire an owner?  Ralph Wilson is the worst.

– Lake

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One Response to “Virginia Authorities: ‘Stick it to Vick’”

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