“Pretty Boy” Floyd on Dancing with the Stars?


Awww, first we had Oscar rocking the fishnets, now this:

(Yeah, I think Floyd will hit this)

Why oh why is Floyd Mayweather “competing” on Dancing with the Stars? Isn’t he supposed to be training for his fight with Ricky Hatton? Normally I’d call on a celestial power to take track of Floyd’s mind and set him straight, but this time I know better. It’s gonna take more (or less), because clearly Floyd is off his rocker. So I’ll say it, Roger, take the wheel!!!!

I would tell Floyd’s pops, Floyd Sr. to take the wheel, lest folks start calling him “Batty boy” Floyd, but that fool has more hair on the top of his head than he has good sense, so I won’t even bother.

And Jr. I gotta tell, you, if you end up looking like your namesake, they’re gonna have to start calling you Ugly Boy Floyd in about 10 years or so, because your pops has ugly down to a sweet science my man. Goodness, maybe this Dancing with the Has beens and Never Were is a good career move for you as you transition out of boxing. I wouldn’t wish this kind of human deterioration and degradation your pops or uncle (Roger) have suffered on anybody. Then again, since you’re unwilling to make a good fight for people who pay good money errrr take a hit, you’ll probably be alright for the foreseeable future.

I wonder how Mel B did last night, clearly I wasn’t watching. Too busy watching the boobs of skanks and hizzoes errr looking to see who would find true love on the Bachelor. Ha, I know, horrible show, played concept, but these big breasted, slim waisted white women seemingly never stop emerging from that limo, so I’m compelled to watch. I guess Dancing with the Stars does have thick Mel B, though.

The next to nothing the chicks wear on that show make it somewhat appealing.. We’ll see. I’ll have my interns watching this for me. I can’t commit to it yet. More later.

– Lake

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One Response to ““Pretty Boy” Floyd on Dancing with the Stars?”

  1. Hecto Says:

    That was great!!!! LOL

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