Whoop that trick: Notre Dame gets worked by Michigan State


Though Michigan State did everything in their power to make Notre Dame fans believe they actually might be able to win the game (including a fumble inside their 10 on the kickoff), the inevitable happened.

Indeed, Chuck Weis and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (by the way as a full errr 1/4 blooded Irishmen, I’m offended by that moniker) got whooped like a Wayne Brady 2 dollar hizzoe.

(that look on Dave’s face must have been exactly how Jimmy Clausen felt when Weis pulled him out of the game on Sat.)

The final score was 31-14, but if you actually watched the game, it was more like that Mary Guilbeax audition on American Idol Season 3, better put, you just had a sense that it could have even been worse than it actually ended up being. Yikes. What can you do? I would love to say I’m getting tired of all the losing along with Chuck’s rhetoric at the half about what needs to be done better, but I’m not. It’s just downright hilarious. Facts are facts. Notre Dame is off to their worst start EVER, a distinction that aint gonna rub off with a dab of Purell and some hand ringing.

Charlie Weis is:

(in a sense)

The Large Anchovy is still recalcitrant and arrogant (“Don’t worry fellas, I’m not going anywhere”) and at the end of this debacle of a season, which will not include a bowl game, Weis will still have his job. You just know it’s going to go that way. I’m already looking to next year though. Just wait until ND comes out with yet another lackluster campaign similar to the one that got Ty Willingham fired in his third year. It’s going to be great to see the true hypocrisy play itself out. And who knows, maybe Weis will turn the thing around. I’m not saying he can’t, I’m just saying Willingham might have too if he was given a fair shake.

He was just never given that chance, the same chance every coach not named Tyrone Willingham got before and after him. If you applied the Willingham standard of performance to Weis, he’d look like this right about now:

Hell, that’d be an improvement. Jerks.

– Lake, laughing

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