Can someone tell me why I’m supposed to hate this dude?


I’m not saying I like the cat either. I don’t know much about him. But every time someone talks about Iran and their leader, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, short of his criticism of our Middle East policy and our horrible president, I can’t really understand why he’s such a pariah.

(the cat looks pretty soft if you ax me. Never rocks a tie and he’s always grinning)

This morning on NPR, I heard a protester saying he was “as bad as Hitler”… really? Why, because the dude wants the same weapons the rest of his enemies possess? Listen, if the dude is so hell-bent on doing evil (what is this the He-man approach to international politics?) and it’s all so very obvious, can we dispense with the hyperbole and really get down to why this cat is such a bad dude? It’s pretty easy to hurl insults at a cat, bar him from visiting ground zero because you think it would turn into a photo op (which makes sense by the way) or just dismissively call him “crazy” and then move on with our lives.

Sorry if I don’t just take the word of these guys when people say he’s worse than Hitler, southern slaves holders in America or those South African proponents of Apartheid. I get it, he’s a danger to us all and the worst cat of all time, but yet he’s chilling on US soil, visiting prominent college campuses and getting his Mocha Latte on over at Starbucks. Makes perfect sense.

Oh wait, I get it. I’m supposed to hate a guy who has never done anything to me that I or anyone I know can reasonably articulate to me, meanwhile I’m supposed to be satisfied with a President who foolishly and brazenly got us into a debacle of a War in Iraq and can’t/won’t do anything for Hurricane Katrina victims who are actually our own citizens !?!?!

Riiight.. Ban him. Throw out the President of Columbia, hell, round up some people who may or may not look like him and commit some hate crimes against them.. Let’s get em! I think. What a country….

– Lake

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One Response to “Can someone tell me why I’m supposed to hate this dude?”

  1. raafman Says:

    While I agree that the vilification of Ahmadinejad has gone over the top, it is his repeated calls that Israel be eliminated, wiped from the map, or however it’s translated that have stirred up as much controversy in the media as his pursuit of a nuclear program. Oh and the pres of Columbia pre-dissing him? Classy move. Hmm, one of many class institutions.

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