Appreciation for Christina Milian Day


Oh yes, we just had to do it again. Christina Milian is the kind of babe you just never get tired of.

For some reason, it’s like she’s always looked exactly as you’d want her to look. Always that perfect age (half your age plus 7, thanks to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad for that one). Always that perfect look… Shape right. I mean, I guess she’s like the personification of that terrible “Cater to You” song by Destiny’s Child, but with Milian, you actually believe it. The smile, the body, the look in the eye.. It’s just everything you want and more. And her look is so diverse. I mean, one day she’s cute and sweet.

The next day she’s hot and sexy.

One day she’s the uber black chick.

The next day it’s a “It’s black, it’s white, who cares because it’s RIGHT” special.

One day you’re getting soft, smooth and supple.

The next day it’s taut, cut and steamy.

(watch that eye now girl)

The one unifying characteristic: They’re all fine and you just have to go back to it every now and again to recharge your batteries. I mean, it’s that right, that good. She’s got a different quality than a Kim Kardashian or even a Vida Guerra. With those chicks, you just know it’s all about sex.. They can’t show the range of a Milian.

(Are you kidding me? This chick gonna put KFC out of business with them thighs)

Seriously, a babe that’s this fine just aint right and somehow that cat Nick Cannon managed to lose her?

(Really sittin on them thangs)


– Lake

2 Responses to “Appreciation for Christina Milian Day”

  1. Guess who’s back? « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Guess who’s back? FOR MORE CHRISTINA MILIAN CLICK HERE  […]

  2. Chester Taylor Says:

    Them Legs in the gold dress. Oh my god.. lord.. Unbelievable. Love it.

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