UvT Sports: College Football Roundup


The Michigan Wolverines clipped #10 Penn State this weekend and still didn’t crack the top 25, in fact, they were still 31 with the number of votes they got.  It didn’t help that Appalachian State got clipped by Wolford (wherever the hell that is) this weekend.

It’s alright…crazy…cowbell toting, cape wearing, weird batman hooded, disappointed you can’t get ranked guy.  Your boys will be back.

After getting shout outs in Us Versus Them columns this week, but Bama and South Carolina lost this week.  Both were decent games too.  The teams are both overachieving up until this point and ran into some SEC powerhouses.  They really play a different brand of ball down there in the southeast, and those LSU tigers are really starting to look unstoppable.

USC and John David Booty handled their business, and so did these ladies as always.

There is clearly a cup size requirement in Southern Cal.

Stay Tuned for the NFL roundup later this week.  Is it just me or are the NFL scores crazy this year?  Fantasy teams are putting up ridiculous scores this year.


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