Boy vs. Habanero Pepper


This cats goes hard, but he doesn’t know how hard he is going…at first.

There are three stages to that joint.  First is the funny stage, where the cat thinks he might just bug his eyes out like Steve-O from Jackass.

Then there is the “what the hell” stage, when he begins to realize he is in trouble.  Riiiight around halfway through.  He kinda wants to spit it out, his eyes start to water, he starts bobbing his head like he is listening to music.  I mean the heat has to be jumping on him fast.

Finally there is the “Whhhhhyyyyyyy!?!?!?!” phase.  I think this cat really may not be able to breathe.  All he can manage is to let the stuff drool out of his mouth…not spit…just slide out.  While he makes high pitched screeching sounds.  I mean he is squealing like a stuck pig.

I guess those Jackass boys really are professionals. 


One Response to “Boy vs. Habanero Pepper”

  1. mrod Says:

    White people. *Shaking head*

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