Throwback: Britney at her best


Sometimes we can forget just how tight Britney once was.


And sure, you can say she was all airbrushed up, but even her more candid shots used to really look right…


Again, I’m a fan of Ms. Spears and I want to see her do well.


If nothing else, Mel B has shown us that you can take it back to the pre baby form with a little work.


(Wow, the beginning of an era my friends….)


Brit just needs to lay off the drinks, pick up the white horse and hit that gym/dance studio like she once did.


Anyway, I suspect her body will make it back. I’m thinking positive…after all, that’s what I’m all about.


But contrast those lovey pictures above against this shot of Brit in her draws outside her house yesterday.


Awwww haaail naw.. that just aint right. Someone should whoop K-Fed’s ass for how he ruined this national treasure.

– Lake

One Response to “Throwback: Britney at her best”

  1. grace Says:

    q perra te cuento porq la fama siempre hace q las artista se vuelvan pornos ect… cantas prity pero con eso dañste tu profesion para algunos no porq son unos pervertidos q so.lamente le gusta eso pero a otros no y una mujer como tu se debe dar a respetar

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